Habborator Copycats :: *Concept*//How we (could) deal with them

This is dealing with issues while going. I’ve been doing websites for a couple of years, the world of Habbo fansites is different - never seen this much copying others before. It’s an age thing, true. If so, there’s a simple lesson to be spread: do not steal from other people. But if they do, I need to think about what to do about it. I could just think fansites come and go, they’re kids, people will see difference and not make a fuzz. Tried that, it itches. Even if I’m not really mad, it still shouldn’t be happening. So, this is a trial and error case, adding ideas while trying to get copycats to their senses. As usual, let’s do this in public and we might end up with a good guide on what works and what doesn’t.

Bandwidth theft

Nowadays a non-issue for this place. It’s more commonly known as ‘hotlinking’, serving your own webpage and linking to images on another domain. Done too much, we’ve disabled it completely. If your hosting allows it, this is how to do that.

Content theft

Annoying when people just take a whole page or more and display it on their own space. One could disable rightclicking, but that’s hardly sufficient and I want people to be able to see how I get things done. One could watermark every picture, looks ugly and also ways around. People just shouldn’t do that - note we have a very liberal policy in this matter. What if they go beyond ? This is what we’ve tried and are trying:

  1. Contact owners  // preferred, ofcourse, attempting a necessity. But broken contact forms, lack of email adresses, failing registration are no exceptions… are site owners frequenting some forum (google) - might try and register, then private message them. Note we still try to solve this respectfully.
  2. Make facts public: post at your own site/forums around  //logical next step, as this still allows offender to take down copied stuff, and end debate. Big pity is your news page is hardly frequented and that forum online doesn’t like these kind of posts (thank you habbos.net). There you are, unheard, step, while important as such, can be ignored.
  3. Hurt them (more)  // if site is official for some hotel, report ?! Has this been tried, and does hotel management respond ?
  4. Track host/contact them  // reported to work with those sites that are on cheap solutions, but hosts are usually responsive to issues where site owners are doing illegal things on their servers.

I’m a fundamental thinking person. I think fansites should back up eachother, but I don’t see that happening around. Having build a ‘reputation’ of good content, and a good deal of returning visitors (who do NOT interact, which - in this case - might be our problem), habborator.org might (not sure) have the luxury of getting the message across by annoying visitors of good will. Seems like a contradiction (?) - check these steps:

  1. Advertise offerders in an annoying matter  // frontpage, big banner, “… sucks” (lol, we’re not official, we can use some brute language), link pointing to this page. Whether it works or not, would give a great deal of satisfaction.
  2. Allow viewing of content only by denying offender  // like a popup before viewing our pages. This is harsh, but willing to go this far (not for a freewebs silly site, but for anything official, yeah). In this phase, anything to give offender a bad reputation.

That’s what we could think of so far. Got ideas, seen our pages copied somewhere, is it happening to you and could we help ? Don’t hesitate and .

Current offenders:

In general, we have not much to complain about. It worked, really. There’s a couple of things removed at some sites, some people were very annoyed to be featured here (but also, some people were unaware where their “reporters” got their material…).

The silly list:

We’re not going to make a fuzz, but we’re not blind either: