Emmerrrrrrr - October 15th, 2009

The chance is big that you are male, 14-16 years old, living in the United Kingdom, and that you heard about Habborator on another fansite. You visit our website daily and our badge finds attracted you here in the first place. Habborator’s layout is different from other websites, but you think that’s fun…

Oh well, how do we know all that ?! Well, we did a survey a while (like, 6 months) ago. Eventually we got 418 responses, way too much to read them all individually (which was quite enjoyable to do when we started it), but fortunately the system we used gave us a summary/overview. We were satisfied with those 418 responses, and we think it’s enough to get an idea of our average visitor, what (s)he is looking for and what her/his wishes are. Average sounds like we’re going to generalize, but maybe that’s what surveys make you do.

United Kingdom10124%
Singapore [MY/PH]113%

So, first of all, our average visitor is a boy. 88% of our visitors are male, so only 12% left for the other sexe. Our average visitor is 14-16 years old, though we also have some visitors (5%) younger than 12 years old, and some (9%) older than 18. As you can see in our basement and on our msgboard, all of these ages can be combined without many problems, not to say without any.

We’re known worldwide, the United Kingdom being the country where most of you are from - 24%. Runner up is the Netherlands with 15% of the visitors. According to the survey we only have one visitor from Switzerland, but maybe that’s not the only one, just not everyone found this survey or was able to fill it in (duh). Anyway, the 418 participants came from the following countries:

We then asked what at Habborator attracted our visitors in the first place. 44% chose our badge finds. We could have expected that: finding a new badge isn’t a big deal anymore these days, but people still keep posting their finds in our threads, so we can keep things up to date. Do note we’ve started to consider those things way less important than we used to. Badges, who cares about those ? Well, most of you, obviously.

After the visitors were attracted by the badge finds (44%), the image archive (21%), the furniture overview (12%), the trax tunes (9%) or an other page (21% of them picked that option, mentioning our beautiful basement, our style, the visitors, the executive page, 'EVERYTHING!', some advertising for Café Dourado, fact sheets, text generator, habbo imager, history and the msgboard), they decided to come back once in a while. Some of them (16%) became real habborator-addicts, others (25%) find a daily visit enough, and a same amount visits Habborator weekly. The remaining 34% consists of people visiting us a couple of times a month, occasionally or for the first time.

Now, some boring results. This is how you rate our pages. Actually, most pages got a good appreciation in general. This is what people think is the ‘real deal’ (best of pages):

Badges overview20048%
Furniture pages18344%
Article like pages16439%
Executive desktop13532%

We asked again, now looking for pages worth a re-visit:

Badges overview31676%
Furniture pages25361%
Screenshot dump19045%
Fact sheets16339%
Habbo Headlines15036%
ALT (gallery)14936%
Executive desktop14635%

Luucaz: the option to provide an alternative answer resulted in our history page being mentioned a couple of times, which also showed up in our general comments box. That will definately get some attention (plans are there).

A majority (75%) finds our ‘different’ layout fun, and though the thought of a hundred people getting lost on our site makes me feel a bit sad (and confused, is navigating thát hard ?!), we won’t change. That april fool really was an april fool. Some of you asked if there were ‘any staff places available’, please read the FAQ to get the answer to that one (no). Other suggestions you made were most of all just to go on as we always do, we will. Thanks for responding, and for your kind words about our site. And please keep telling us about your awesome ideas ! Maybe you’ll see it back on the frontpage someday…

P.S. At the time of our survey, 67% of the visitors used Firefox. Why not make that 100% ? Nevermind about this line. I just wanted to imitate a kind of Firefox-commercial-person :'].