Spanner | 06-06-2008, 16.51 Trax & Tea

With many of the European hotels going mad for Euro 2008, the three new Football Trax have now been released in the Italian and Spanish hotels for 3 credits each.

Also, 2 weeks ago saw the new Japanese furniture hit the catalogues of many hotels world-wide, and today saw another new addition to the Japanese range; Japanese Tea Machine being released in the Spanish and French hotels, maybe else where too. On sale for 5 credits in Spain and 6 in France.

06 Jun. 2008, 17:19 LEGOLAS-KLARA wrote:  

Fair price for it ;).

06 Jun. 2008, 17:21 Star-Fighter wrote:  

Now that was fast, haha :) Price is not bad, yay!

06 Jun. 2008, 17:22 Spanner wrote:  

Shame it still gives out carrots :(

06 Jun. 2008, 19:05 Emmerrrrrrr wrote:  

Carrots? I think that's at least a bit weird :l

06 Jun. 2008, 21:06 Magnea wrote:  

At .fr it gives out "Green tea", looks abit strange and doesn't work in the big rooms (you hold nothing)...

06 Jun. 2008, 21:18 Spanner wrote:  

ooh nice find, will have to visit .fr again :D

07 Jun. 2008, 10:29 Laurensh1 wrote:  

Good find! I like the Japanese House... :P

07 Jun. 2008, 17:43 Gible wrote:  

I like that house! in Spanish buy you it for 5 credits :o

11 Jun. 2008, 22:05 Manu wrote:  

"Japanese teapot" in English .o

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