Luucaz | 05-12-2008, 13.01 Unknown badges

Not really that spectacular, but two new badges. Googling 'E11' didn't do much, but it looks like some local small campaign with no time for decent badge design. The SU4 badge may look a bit dull, but while simple, will look good inside the hotel.

05 Dec. 2008, 13:34 soyalvaroandres wrote:  

I like the SU4... the 1st sucks :l

05 Dec. 2008, 13:49 trendynet wrote:  

I think the first one looks awesome :S

05 Dec. 2008, 13:53 -:Laurens wrote:  

Omg i know that first one from something :S the person on it.. i really have no idea where i know it from :S

05 Dec. 2008, 14:00 Laurensh1 wrote:  

I like the star, it's a good Badge.

05 Dec. 2008, 15:47 ==! wrote:  

The first one may be a scarecrow. If it is, it's horrible.

08 Dec. 2008, 21:20 Frapasce wrote:  

The star is nice.

09 Dec. 2008, 15:33 Gerben wrote:  

The first badge is for Microsoft WordArt, roflz.

09 Dec. 2008, 16:01 Bruno wrote:  

its not microsoft wordart.
check this article:

09 Dec. 2008, 19:10 andrix wrote:  

The first badge, E11, is for "El país de estudiantes".
See the web:

09 Dec. 2008, 20:26 andrix wrote:  

And obviously it's for ;-)

Your words:  

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