Luucaz | 08-12-2008, 12.34 Putting the yang in the yin

Another case of design that may look dull on first sight, but will stand out inside hotel. A very straightforward yin-yang symbol.

08 Dec. 2008, 14:37 Marc wrote:  

Hot, but it hasn't enough details for me (:

08 Dec. 2008, 15:55 Aureo wrote:  

Very nice.

08 Dec. 2008, 16:02 trendynet wrote:  

This is probaly for the Australia :S

08 Dec. 2008, 16:12 ChrisObv wrote:  

Lol @ The Above Post?
More Like China, Or japan

Its Name Is CY1 - Doesnt that 1 mean theres many of them otherwise wouldnt it be CYA
Well i dunno, maybe these arnt coded to official things.

08 Dec. 2008, 17:18 Buenviaje wrote:  

I believe it's for next year's Chinese New Year.
Probably for Asian hotels, :)

08 Dec. 2008, 17:41 Laurensh1 wrote:  

Gimme gimme gimme! &_&

08 Dec. 2008, 18:08 cjames wrote:  

China has no hotel. Chinese New Year is not until Feb so I doubt it is for that.

08 Dec. 2008, 21:19 Frapasce wrote:  

Really nice!

09 Dec. 2008, 02:37 SkyzSun wrote:  

Chinese New Year according to the Chinese calendar is late January next year, so it's a high possibility that it's for Chinese New year. ;)

09 Dec. 2008, 03:45 Lab-Rat wrote:  

I beleive it might be for the upcoming Ninja Penguin? Oh it wouldn't be Chinese New Year, since each year is an animal (mythical or real) so its more likelyu for an upcoming asian comp.

09 Dec. 2008, 07:37 Buenviaje wrote:  

cjames, Chinese New Year isn't for China only..

09 Dec. 2008, 08:17 SkyzSun wrote:  

Singapore & Malaysia celebrates Chinese New Year too, as there are Chinese among our midst. The Yin & Yang (the balance of darkness and light) badge is more of a Chinese symbol than a Japanese symbol, so I don't think it will be that adquate for the Ninja Penguin. Having an ox badge for CNY will be a cuter idea though.

09 Dec. 2008, 19:28 cjames wrote:  

I know Chinese new year is celebrated across the word, and of course Signapore and Malasia being the main two.

I was commenting on ChrisObv's post rsome post "More Like China, Or japan"

09 Dec. 2008, 19:54 andrix wrote:  

That's awesome!

10 Dec. 2008, 19:52 Gerben wrote:  

Could it be for this:

Ying yang is supposed to be like 'peace'..

10 Dec. 2008, 22:24 cjames wrote:  

Perhaps, doubt it though. We'll have to wait and see...

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