Luucaz | 08-12-2006, 02.33 Betatesting news and msgboard

Heya ;). We're not done at all, but this newspage and the messageboard it rides on seem to work, somewhat. You're invited to betatest, comment and start using it in general, if you want. We'll start using it for real in next days.

Edit: sorry, for some reason the msgboard is NOT sending out mail, so while you can register, you probably won't receive any password, and not be able to log in. We're looking into reasons (we tested it, used to work), maybe due to some recent server changes.

08 Feb. 2008, 18:26 Incompreendido wrote:  

[BR] 4Queijos is new Assistant Hotel Manager.

08 Feb. 2008, 18:43 Luucaz wrote:  

Hehe, you just dragged up a thread 1.5 years old. Thanks for the news, added.

16 Feb. 2008, 14:28 Incompreendido wrote:  

Flecha and Mordomo says God Bye. Who replace them?

16 Feb. 2008, 14:30 Laurensh1 wrote:  

They both do :o
For what reason? :o

16 Feb. 2008, 14:34 Incompreendido wrote:

16 Feb. 2008, 20:43 Incompreendido wrote:  


08 May. 2008, 10:45 Sky-Master wrote:  

Ok...that was weird, I got redirected to this page when trying to post a message...weird.

08 May. 2008, 13:31 Chiaki91 wrote:  


Your words:  

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