Luucaz | 07-05-2009, 01.04 Late night report

..just noticing a lost badge lining up in front of US badges. Well, speculate. And Zatley reports them mushrooms are added to Ecotron furniture in UK, so added them here too. And he's saying something about the FRANK brain I might add later when I see his screenshot :p.

07 May. 2009, 01:06 Zoneside! wrote:  

Thank you for tell us!

07 May. 2009, 01:20 Lovhabo wrote:  

Perhaps for Seventeen Again?
A bit late though for that.

07 May. 2009, 02:26 Zoneside! wrote:  

I notice that badge in US Badge section it wrong. I hope you put that badge in UK badge section.

07 May. 2009, 08:16 ChrisObv wrote:  

no its american, i bet the US have got another Uber Cool campaign, thabnks to their new advertisisng staff or w.e

07 May. 2009, 10:13 Gerben_ wrote:  

It's for an upcoming promotion with girly magazine Seventeen

07 May. 2009, 17:31 ChrisObv wrote:  

Lmao, thats a nice cover!
(no im not about urgh, the jonas brothers)

07 May. 2009, 22:19 JOLE wrote:  

another one, no time to add:

08 May. 2009, 08:18 ChrisObv wrote: too!

08 May. 2009, 10:52 Gerben_ wrote:  

Rofl @ WTM. That's cool, where is it for?

08 May. 2009, 10:58 trendynet wrote:  

@Gerben: That bus thing in Habbo UK

08 May. 2009, 15:28 Hermis wrote:  

RNS was for the infobuss in sweden

08 May. 2009, 21:31 Agente00J wrote:  

Is for habbo USA read!

btw how do i do to post a new thread like this ones?

10 May. 2009, 10:22 Laurensh1 wrote:

You can't post topics so they come like this, only Crew members can (and they can move topics).

Your words:  

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