Luucaz | 24-02-2010, 19.01 We have some new things

Well, new, in some turmoil, other things going on, we added and updated some icons at our executive desktop a while ago actually. Plain talk: a) we have a speechbubble generator now we believe works like a charm and can handle some situations others can't and b) a volter text generator that was there before but now works better/fully. Good shit. Well, I said 'we', and yes, I may have contributed an icon and some outlines, but this is just LEGOLAS-KLARA showing off some awesome skills at programming. Laugh at will, I don't care, this guy knows how to put something together without any references on how things are supposed to behave. Those references kill originality. The generators, while functioning here on their own, are even just parts, code useful for other things, that other things being things coming. If you get the impression I'm actually exited, you're not mistaken.

Really new is a section we dubbed 'Su-la-ke'. Because it is about the company behind Habbo, and there were things to tell about it. Quite a bit of research done, and we think the real fans will find it an enjoyable read.

Last, also really new, but also very much delayed, we added lots of text. Delayed, as said, so you can only now read the report Emmerrrrrrr did on our spring survey months ago. And some of my rambling for now, but to be expanded :p. Well, hope you enjoy some of it, revised history page prolly coming up next, but lots of work to be done there still.

24 Feb. 2010, 19:16 Thantos wrote:  

Yes, LEGOLAS did a very amazing job! Glad the Sulake page got released :P

25 Feb. 2010, 01:31 Lab-Rat wrote:  

Glad to see these new pages, just goes to show that this site still has a long way to go before its complete (will it ever be? unsure, habbo seems to keep growing allowing more and more content)

Hope to see some more pages in the future.

25 Feb. 2010, 10:06 Coryza wrote:  

You guys made a great achievement with the new Su-la-ke page! I will send Laurens some information soon for your page.

25 Feb. 2010, 17:56 yvlu wrote:  

OMG, that's so great! I really like Habborator :) One of the best fansites worldwide... I'm wondering why Habborator isn't official :S

Well done guys!

26 Feb. 2010, 00:22 Lab-Rat wrote:  

"Why isn’t this site an official fansite (or is it) ?

No, this site is not official in any country. We could compete in the English speaking countries perhaps, but have to admit not even 50% of our visitors and crew speak English that well, nor are originating in one of those countries/hotels. Being official is cool (we don’t object to be rewarded like that), but maybe we’re just not fitting the spot by design. We have no attachments to any hotel in specific, we’re just your random cool find ;).

Little note on the UK official fansite rules. Those are strict (with reason) and have a strong focus on events, competitions and visible activity ‘upfront’. That’s not what we are. Even if we did make it through a vote, could never keep up that appearance, nor would want to. We did make it into the vote once, and that meant some other probably great fansite, able to keep up, was denied a place there. Forget it, don't submit us, and if we still appear there, do not lie when voting. If we have no events, you can’t score us high on that."

Taken from the FAQ

28 Feb. 2010, 12:13 Tolax wrote:  

The Speechbubble Generator bugs when there is a 'x' in the Habbo Name (like mine).

28 Feb. 2010, 12:16 Thantos wrote:  

Hmm, you're right Tolax, it also bugs with the 'w' and the 'v', will make sure to notice LEGOLAS-KLARA :P

28 Feb. 2010, 18:04 LEGOLAS-KLARA wrote:  

I’m not surprised about the bug itself, though the fact that I didn't notice it is rather odd. I guess this is what you get when you’re working with .ttf files and require pixel perfection. I’ll see what I can do about it tomorrow…

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