Luucaz | 22-01-2011, 00.10 Second

He's second. januari is a busy cheerful month for our crew. Laurens-h-1 (Hermann is his second name) has his birthday today. All he ever wants evolves around her, the one with no trousers, so we wish him, her. Well, like, a new CD, a concert ticket, a rare mp3 (send, laurensh1 AT hr DOT org). And a happy year, that might be a more genral, but better wish :p. Happy birthday Sir ;).

22 Jan. 2011, 01:45 Emmerrrrrrr wrote:  

Happy birthday Laurens!! =D

22 Jan. 2011, 13:37 Laurensh1 wrote:  

LOL! :P Thankssss!

22 Jan. 2011, 14:04 JOLE wrote:  

Happy Birthday Laurens!

Who's the next one...?

22 Jan. 2011, 14:09 cjames wrote:  

Happy-Birthday Mr Gagaaaaaa

22 Jan. 2011, 19:44 Poelewoeps wrote:  

Happy B'day! n_n

23 Jan. 2011, 00:00 Flamed wrote:  

Have a great day Laurens!

23 Jan. 2011, 10:27 Thantos wrote:  

Happy belated Birthday Laurens!

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