Emmerrrrrrr | 23-01-2012, 13.38 A hat on a hat

A hat on a hat on a head..
Guess what? That's right, today we're celebrating a birthday as well! We all wish JOLE a very happy birthday, with lots of presents. And although he's sort of busy now, hopefully he'll find some time to party today. Congratulations :]

23 Jan. 2012, 15:39 Star-Fighter wrote:  

Happy birthday!!

23 Jan. 2012, 15:44 Laurensh1 wrote:  

Happy birthday Jole! :)

23 Jan. 2012, 21:31 JOLE wrote:  

yes busy but alive. ;-)
only 4 weeks until my final exams :O

thanks for your wishes and eventhough i'm not that often here anymore, i came today because i knew your would remember my birthday :-)

24 Jan. 2012, 15:00 Emmerrrrrrr wrote:  

Cool, you're welcome, best of luck with your exams :]

28 Jan. 2012, 20:01 Luucaz wrote:  

Late reply, but may next year be less busy and exams behind you ;).

30 Jan. 2012, 02:42 cjames wrote:  

Another late birthday from me too :-)

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