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Habbo Times have recently released a three part interview of former Sulake Germany employees KAWU and Landana.

The interview gives a unique insight into the Fuse, and what it's really like to run a virtual hotel. I highly recommend that anyone interested n the current happenings of the Habboverse give the interview a read, as it's very rare we get to see Sulake from a staff perspective. The interview touches upon some very interesting points and uncovers that the mergers and layoffs where not just a shock for the Habbo's, but the for staff too - who'd quite literally gone from being employed to redundant in a matter of minutes. It also explains why joint-ventre hotels like the Netherlands and France haven't yet got the cut... and offers the rather pessimistic outlook that former staff have on the future of Habbo it's self.

It's quite brave for KAWU and Landana to speak out on such matters, and for HabboTimes to publish such an article and it's 100% worth a read...

Hier Klicken, um das Interview auf Deutsch zu lesen. Can't speak german? No problem 'cause Google's got your back, click here to read it in [Google translated] English.


22 Jul. 2012, 19:29 Luucaz wrote:  

Great read, need to re-read a couple of times to get it into perspective.

22 Jul. 2012, 19:35 cjames wrote:  

You get a real sense of the frustration the local staff had with Sulake and the friction between HQ and the former front line, and sort of sense the grief of all the hard work of former community managers being frown into the bin and replaced with twitter... I at first thought twitter was cool, but after reading this it's like "Oh".

22 Jul. 2012, 20:14 Luucaz wrote:  

I need to have a look into the timeline here. Replacement with Twitter sounds too easy. There was a shift to Twitter before LaFo (automated boring stuff), and there was a shift to REALLY using Twitter with LaFo. I'm still gonna try to see the positive stuff, while not closing eyes to cold management movements. And in all that, there is a company, pressured by investors (who partly bailed out), that is at a breaking point. Sad truth is, this NEEDS to be a time profit is made solid. Why does nobody understand how crucial that is (?) - profit is actually a new thing, it wasn't there. Needs to be there, or die.

LaFo, and/or sorta fell silent Rishell, seem to put some efforts in Madrid user care center, and I'm sorta curious how they think they'll get it to work. They'll have to get it working, cost-effective, but I totally clueless on how they'll think they're gonna do it ?

22 Jul. 2012, 20:26 cjames wrote:  

I totally get you with profit. It's a business, it's vital - but their methods of making profit seem to be bonkers, it's like they don't understand business... customer satisfaction being the key to a business succeeding.

For Sulake to be making a profit they really need to have a massive drive on community events... (sick of these quests) ... and I just don't understand how this user-care centre (in Madrid of all places?) is going to work and deliver that, when the people in charge of social media and marketing are in London... and at the same time I don't understand how Habbo's going to get 100% out of its marketing team if they're all based in London when their services span across the globe... I don't know of many turksih business' in London....

Spain is a strange location, it should of based its "user care" centre in a city like London, or Holland... places with high levels of expacts whom speak the languages they need natively... but even then it's an incredibly tall order... and the English of the mods on .com is terrible! So I'd hate to think of what they're german is like.

I personally think, Sulake need to look at what they're doing... assess it, and see if its actually viable. If it's not working now, which it isn't... why are they insistent on carrying on in the same direction?

03 Aug. 2012, 17:18 yvlu wrote:  


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