Laurensh1 | 12-10-2007, 22.11 [FR] 3 OneWayDoors!

Huray! 3 of them are out now :) 7 Credits each I thought!

They are in the Grunge Section for no known Reason. I think Staff could also place them in the Limited Edition or Accessoires Section.

12 Oct. 2007, 22:38 Jordy wrote:  

Are they actually teleports or just decoration?

12 Oct. 2007, 22:49 Star-Fighter wrote:  

Laserports? How about one-way-doors ;) Jordy, they are doors which you can go through only one way - so once you've gone "in", you can't get "out".

7 creds, that's not so bad (just a credit more than an ordinary Mode-door). Like the colours, especially black, though the ocean/aqua one won from a competition is nice too.

13 Oct. 2007, 00:54 Reverse wrote:  

Wow, grunge furni is really cool. The stop sign is my favourite, and the Matress, the Laserports pretty cool.

13 Oct. 2007, 10:50 Magnea wrote:  

But those arenīt really grunge furni, right?

13 Oct. 2007, 19:14 cjames wrote:  

No they're not real Grunge Furnitures. I like the Radiator ;)

13 Oct. 2007, 22:01 Luucaz wrote:  

Radiator rules all of that silly furniture indeed :p.

15 Oct. 2007, 14:45 Spanner wrote:  

They are only in Grunge section as both the Grunge and One Way Doors have been released for SOB 2, easier than having everything scattered in the catalogue i guess :P

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