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Internationally –not very– known as : Luucaz
Actually : just Luuc, the -az is just to make me look cool and/or might be the name was just taken and I had to think of something quickly...
Email :
Main hotel : Netherlands
Room(s) : Just search, I love theming rooms. I have quite a few finished even, most are closed, but accessible through other rooms.
Favorite range of furniture : Area
Favorite rare piece of furniture : Holoboy, Oil lamp (painimies & armasK, ty)
Favorite public space(s) : Habburgers, Hallways
Better than Habbo :
Music: : I hate limits.
If you Google/youtube/vevo/spotify: : Finntroll, SEEED, Knorkator, Hundreds, Heartless Bastards, Eels, Giant Sand/Howe Geld, Fiona Apple, Spillsbury, Brave Combo, Los Chinces, Edward & the Magnetic zeros, you're set.
Did I tell you : my cats (read: I'm their huuuman) are so cool and cute they make me cry ?
Maybe : I need a blog ?

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