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Luucaz wrote, 25-01-2007, 01:26 : 

..comments, improvements (?!), we like to hear.

Already noted, need to add an item about stacking things like sofa’s (taking two spaces), dividers etc.

28-11-2008, 12:42 Lab-Rat

I can't Stack :(

28-11-2008, 16:07 Zaytion

I know how to stack two sofas..

28-11-2008, 17:04 FunkyCowboy

Stacking sofas
First you must have two rollers.
Set down the rollers.
Then place 1 traxdisc on each roller.
Then you put down the sofa, for example a hc sofa
Then, place a bar / TV shelf on the same height as the couch in each role.
After you put the bar / TV shelf on the roller and they rolled down, you can place your couch on the other couch, then remove the bar / TV shelf, traxdiscs and voila!

Sorry for my english guys, hehe.


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