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jch02140 wrote, 12-05-2009, 13:04 : 

I noticed a lot of "furni" that can be animated in habbo do not have the animation gif available... Will those be added in the future?.. Just out of curiousity...

12-05-2009, 14:22 LEGOLAS-KLARA

What do you mean ? Want more animations in our furniture charts ? Or is it the hotel itself you're talking about ?

12-05-2009, 14:26 JOLE

I think that' because we started adding those animations only a few weeks ago, so it is possible that they are not complete.

@ Legolas: He talks about animations in the furnichart I think...

12-05-2009, 14:48 LEGOLAS-KLARA

It's partly because of animations/other state/rotating and alike are new to our furniture charts, yes. But also because we can't sit and screen every single variation/state/frame of all furniture having another state or is animated. Well, nowadays we use to add a lot of animations and stuff, as other frames/angels/states usually posted at Puhekupla. So, yes, it will be more of this in the future, but do not expect seeing like plastic chairs/pods and similar in other angels there.

12-05-2009, 17:20 Vrak

He may mean about where does the animated version of the furni come from and is asking if they animate when inside the hotel or if it is a load of different images

12-05-2009, 18:35 LEGOLAS-KLARA

If mine and Jole's answers wasn't enough, jch02140, ask again, and try specify yourself a bit ;).

12-05-2009, 19:09 jch02140


Sorry about the misunderstanding.

Actually LEGOLAS-KLARA was right... I was wondering why some of the furni image that are suppost to have animation such as the furnis in "Neon" catagory and some other seasonal items do no have animated version available in the habborator furni chart...


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