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iVista wrote, 05-01-2012, 22:10 : 

This may violate many parts of a copyright since, you thought about removing the Badge area of HabboRator. Do you guys mind giving it to me I may just create a website that has all the badges. That are currently in, Also I will include all credits and Copyrights I will not take credit for anything and I will show you the website if you accept to this.

06-01-2012, 20:22 Lempo

Me pueden mandar todos los codigos de las placas para holos con sus imagenes por favor ?

06-01-2012, 20:50 Thantos

Well, we offer most of our Badges already at our Downloads page, so everyone is free to use those.
On the copyright: We do not own them, as the Badges are part of HabboHotel/Sulake. We only edited them (only colors that are used in the Badge are saved, ...) so they didn't take too many space (to host and to download).
I have now idea when the Badges ZIP was last updated though, so I have no idea how much Badges are missing, but I guess it was a while ago.

Apart from that: In general - if you use a website as a resouce/as help/... - for your work, you credit them. If you did/do use us as a reference (e.g. if you did download the Badges from our website to use them on your website, if you use any of our info related to the Badges, ...), a 'thank you' would be cool, yes :P And a link to the website would always be fun, as we're always on the hunt for some good websites (to check out ourselves, and if we like them, we might add them to our Links page) ;)

27-07-2013, 13:41 mode

salut je suis nouveaux moderateur comment sa va tout le monde :D



01-08-2013, 20:34 Thantos

We'd appreciate it if you wouldn't call yourself a Moderator, mode :) Also, this is an international forum, we'd prefer it if you could talk English, just so everyone gets what you're saying.

24-11-2013, 19:46 lumn

Gostaria que vocês atualizassem os emblemas. Será possível? :(


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