International news :: Are those pictures real?

Habbort wrote, 30-09-2009, 18:22 : 

That are the pictures:

I just saw those in comments on a fansite.

30-09-2009, 18:37 Kyle

It's fake :P

In the first image the bunny is from the easter catalogue header and the second one its just an alt made by someone?

30-09-2009, 18:38 Sjoerd


30-09-2009, 18:47 Laurensh1

Please, only go to trustworthy sites next time (oh well, the comments, don't trust those...).
The second one is part of an alt somebody made (I've seen that alt), but I can't remember who made it or where to see it.
At least, you can see a clear combination of parts of the Spanish Hotelview. But it also covers part of the Brazilian/Portugese Hotelview (that super small balcony thingy).

Closed topic :)

30-09-2009, 19:01 Emmerrrrrrr

*glad that she can still post*

As an addition to Laurens' message, the second part is from reinout--d's alt here.


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