Mobiles Disco

Before Habbo was even an idea, Aapo Kyrölä and Sampo Karjalainen created ‘Mobiles Disco’, in 1999. This was purely a free-time project for the befriended Finnish (rap)band ‘Mobiles’. You could create a character, chat at the bar, act out on the dancefloor. A success, the originally Finnish rooms were swamped with foreigners, so they had to create a seperate international version. Mobiles was online November 1999 - February 2002.

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Sampo Karjalainen: “To begin with, we tried to create the first versions of Mobiles Disco and Hotelli Kultakala for users like ourselves, but the teenagers took them over.” (Revelations; The 11 years of Taivas, 2007.)