Habborator FAQ


How do you <!--insert anything html/css/javascript--> ?

First of all, notice we did not disable rightclicking. So you can view source, we try to keep our html clean, you should be able to locate how we did it. Second, also check our ‘credits’ section, with links to tricks and scripts we used here. And third, yes, we don’t mind explaining how we implemented all this, but please, do not mail us about it, but post in our msgboard. That way, others can benefit too, and we don’t have to explain twice or more.

I can’t find anything ?!

Or, as some of you phrase it: “(please) change your nav(igation)”. Sorry, we won’t. It’s supposed to be a bit adventurous, translate the joy of exploring your hotel into a website. More exiting to create, also :p. Then again, if you’re in need of an overview, click the lightbulb icon on the frontpage and see our sitemap.

The sitemap will be transported to most pages over time, but not visibly linked (do not close it at frontpage and it will still be open at new page when applied there). Here’s a trick to get it popping up elsewhere when applied: hit ALT + 1 on a PC, or CTRL + 1 on a Mac(intosh), and it should popup. Well, that was the principle of accesskeys, yet different browsers trashed the whole idea. On IE, hit ALT + 1 (release both), then hit ENTER. On FF, hit SHIFT + ALT + 1 (do not release while doing).

Is this site even updated at all ?

We know, our refresh cycle is slow at times. Our content pages are updated, but not as often as they used too be. You can be sure we’re working on new pages all the time, not done at all, and that’s actually more fun than updating existing pages, sorry. We’ll get to it at some point.

Actually, it is of no use to ask to be linked. Our links are a) the best of sites (wether we like them or not, heck, even if we do not and they do not link anything back we’ll still link them), but also b) are reflecting our neighborhood. Be a friend, feel free to paste links to your site when applicable. If we get along, you’ll find your site linked without asking.

Do you have any jobs ?

Only part of this site (news/msgboard) runs on a ‘content management system’, the rest is basic html/css/javascript. To add/edit content here would require some decent knowledge of (x)html and css at least. Most fansites are build with Cutenews or some other CMS, which provides access levels, ranks and all. We don’t have much options (posting news/moderate msgboard/upload images are available) in that sense, and frankly, no desire to implement anything like it (if even I could, which I can’t ;). So we don’t have positions, job openings nor applications.

The people who run this site were invited in because they cared and were trusted, added their bits without asking to be in, and foremost understood nature of this site. Actually, they hardly do anything else than they did before (ok, exaggerating a bit). It just didn’t make sense to not have them in crew. Maybe compare it with Habbo friend requests. Some people just accept, some people want to know the other person first, before accepting. Anyway, it really doesn’t work to ask for a job. Really.

Shall I/we do a -insert language- version of Habborator ?

No. We know it might sound like a good idea at first, but isn't the fun thing people from all around the world gather around, sure, in broken English (still the most understood language inside the hotels), and share their stuff ?! That’s the internet, it breaks down boundaries. In our view you shouldn’t use it to create too much ‘niches’ when not needed. Nobody is being laughed at for bad English here. Also, don’t underestimate the effort going into keeping a site up to date; it would be awful hard to keep versions synchronized.

Sorry, we made that impossible. We wouldn’t mind any of you using the occasional picture in a conversation, but if other sites start linking to images for their own pages, it has an effect on our bandwidth usage. And for bandwidth, one has to pay. Easy workaround: save the image and upload it somewhere (like one of the free image hosting services). More on ‘hotlinking’ (that’s what they call it) here.

I just clicked on badges and furniture archives and they are retired. What else will go ?!

We retired both of these areas of the website simply because of the amount of badges and furniture being released were more frequent than we could get them uploaded. There seems to be less meaning behind new additions to Habbo, and that means they’re less interesting to archive. In terms of other areas of the website, it’s important to remember that we serve as a museum. We create area’s because we want to and because we love Sulake’s creation. You will see additions, absolutely. When? Not sure. ;)