During 2001 - 2002, this is what each Habbo's profile would have looked like.

Notice that the face avatar is in greyscale.

Habbo UK also once had a profile match with your own.

It was also possible to send SMS via the Habbo console, this was removed in late 2002. The reason for it being removed was because during 2002, it was possible via scripting, to obtain people's cell/mobile phone numbers that were associated with each habbo's account for the SMS service.

HABBO HOTEL™ /Sulake hastily removed this service.

It was also possible to create habbo names using the characters (< _ + *>) but this was removed in late 2002 also, as people were having problems using the SMS service to buy credits for their account.

As you can see, some people such as 'Agent' and 'Alinda' that joined HABBO HOTEL™ UK during the public BETA in 2001 haven't logged on since the February that year!

The layout of the console has remained rather similar, however many features have been added and removed.  The habbo console is long overdue a graphic update.

During 2001 - 2003, it was only possible to trade 6 items of furniture at once. The hobbas during this period were relied upon to perform a moderated trade for trading more than 6 items at a time.

In Q2 2003 they addressed this issue and allowed for stacked trading of any amount, so long as it is the same type of furniture.


More information about the past command buttons is displayed below:


As you can see below, the small profile displayed upon clicking on a Habbo has changed a lot.

BETA - KULTAKALA 2001: The caption box with the Habbo's name in was smaller and more rectangular, also people could make really long Habbo names, therefore it wouldn't fit in the box. Habbos had command buttons to kick, grant rights and delete their own furniture with the introduction of private rooms. Habbos could also dance.

Early 2001 - Late 2002
: The caption box was increased in size to accommodate longer names, it was also rounded at the edges to portray a more 'cleaner' circular style. Habbo names were no longer bold. Waving wasn't possible until October 2002 without scripting.
At this time period any Habbo with rights in a room had the power to grant rights to any other Habbo without being the owner. As you could imagine, this was a disaster and led to ALOT of room trashing!


Late 2002 - Late 2007: The caption box was coloured grey and the name of the Habbo is now a light grey rather than white. The 'mission' or rather recently the 'motto' of the habbo has returned to a lighter shade font instead of grey. The 'Wave' command was added around October 2002. (New dance styles and the badge system were introduced much later in 'Release 8.0' during 2005.)

Late 2007 onwards: The classic tile style profile has been dropped completely and has now been replaced by the newer 'Inf-O-Matic'. This newer style of profile was initiated to facilitate for the new Habbo Homes and tag system as well as allow more space for Habbo command buttons and 'mottos'.