BBO HOTEL 2001 - 2002                                                                                                                    
This is a comprehensive time-line of the major updates applied to Habbo during 2001 & 2002 - Created by P1ckle
16th January 2001 Public BETA version launched, people who were fortunate enough to find or be referred to the client would be able to create an account before the home page was even released!

Most of the BETA testers

were users of

Some were members of Kultakala


24th January 2001 The HTML home page was added, users could then access the client from the home page,

No Terms and Conditions.
28th January 2001 Troubleshooting and contact pages added,

Still a lack of
Terms and Conditions..
19th February 2001 Private rooms added.
A user would have to use the Room-O-Matic in the public lobby to create a room, as the option wasn't on the hotel navigator!

Official launch to the industry.

Terms and Conditions added!
9th March
BETA finished..

The Official Habbo launch to the public then began.
March 2001 SMS messaging was made available through the console, profiles are implemented.
March 2001 Room password option was added to private rooms.
7th May 2001 Habburger's public room opened its doors to the public!

10th May 2001 Splash Plastic payment method initiated - 50 FREE credits for anyone who used this payment method!
18th May 2001 Guest Service Centre 'GSC' was added to the home page,

Hobba alerts were also implemented,
Hobba section was added!
June 2001 Trading system was launched by the name of
'Secure Trading',

Club Slinky Helsinki was renamed 'Club Massiva'
22nd June 2001 Credit Card payment 
method was initiated,

(Mastercard and Visa)
3rd August 2001 Basement Lobby,
Median Lobby,
Skylight Lobby and Theatredrome
public rooms were added to HABBO HOTEL™
3rd August 2001 Hotel capacity limit was capped at 750 people,

Growth in user base of Habbo was putting a tremendous strain on the MAGENTA servers.
24th  August 2001 The Gallery section was added into the catalogue.
Posters were available to buy at 3 credits each.
August 2001
MAGENTA servers were upgraded from 750 to 2000 simultaneous users being able to use

The user base then grew!
1st October 2001 Habbo Lido public room added to the hotel,
Diving was implemented.
1st October 2001 Favourite room feature added to the hotel navigator!

I, myself, P1ckle joined HABBO HOTEL™ along with my friends.
October 2001 Smartcreds and 5-Credit home phone payment methods were initiated from UK only!
October 2001 Habboween seasonal section was added into the catalogue, furniture bought from this section was to be deleted on 15th November 2001.
November 2001 Habbo.CH went public BETA,

Habbo Cinema public room was seen for the first time!
November 2001 Three sets of TELEPORTERS were added into the catalogue, Exavior sets up the first Teleport Network.
28th November 2001 Wacky Wednesday - 100 Credits FREE! competition initiated,

Rumours of Christmas 
furniture spreads..
December 2001 Christmas seasonal section was added into the catalogue,

Section got removed after New Year in 2002.
January - July 2001



The Habbo test site was forced to be removed!                                                                        
The first update to the clothes selection.
More styles of hair, clothes and colours were added into the selection.
The option to choose gender was also added!
The 'bobba' filter was introduced in both public and private rooms.
The bobba filter was first implemented into public rooms, shortly after it was also added as a choice to activate in private rooms.
HABBO received a lot of opposition to this filter..
Dancing was made available in private rooms.
During the early BETA days of HABBO HOTEL™, it was only possible to dance in public rooms. Dancing in private rooms was made available shortly after.
A second update to clothes selection occurred, including more colours. There was a second update to the selection of hair, clothes and colours later on in the months after BETA. Late in 2001, santa hats, bunny ears and reindeer antlers are added to the hair/hat selection.

Later on in 2002, the famous hair colour bug is exploited by many people!

December 2001 - January 2002 The Chromide Club
Ice Cafe
Hotel Kitchen public rooms debut.










January 2002 HABBO HOTEL™ launched merchandise in online partnership with
'Make My Phone'

Campaign to promote
Nu-Metal band 'Staind'

Staind poster was added into the catalogue.
February 2002
Branding partnership with Clearasil™ is renewed.

Clearasil™ Cinema public room was opened on UK.
14th February 2002 Love furniture section debuted in the catalogue!

The gift feature was also added early in 2002.
19th February 2001 Sum 41 promotion to promote the latest single 'Motivation' starts within Habbo.

Sum 41 posters were released in the 'gallery' section.
March 2002 Easter seasonal furniture was released into the catalogue during the Easter 2002 period!
27th March 2002 Campaign to promote the band 'The Coral' was initiated along with competitions to win goodies.
8th April
Partnership with Warner Village Cinemas was initiated.

Warner Village™ Cinema public room opened its doors!

Avatar costumes are available to wear.
10th April 2002 An online campaign for Sunny Delight™ started.

HABBO HOTEL™ was advertised on TV!

The Sunny Delight Lido then opened!
May 2002 Campaign to promote Jimmy Eat World and chance to meet the band was put into place!

The Jimmy Eat World poster was released in the 'gallery' section of the catalogue.
7th May 2002 Warner Village Cinemas extended their promotion within HABBO HOTEL™
27th May 2002 Vase of flowers and cake furniture was added into the catalogue, plants moved from extras and got their own section.

More clothes were made available to wear.
28th May 2002 Thrones, samovars and holopods were given out to anyone who logged into Habbo after 28th May and before July 31st.

This was in celebration of ione's birthday on
June 8th 2002!

18th June 2002 The 2,000,000th
member checks into
July 2002 Scooby Doo movie promotion was initiated, Sarah Michelle Gellar posters were added into the catalogue!
12th September 2002 Britney Spears checks into HABBO HOTEL™

Britney Spears posters were then available from the 'gallery' section of the catalogue!
24th October 2002 HABBO HOTEL™ launches the first 'Quest' for
Spyro the Dragon™

Spyro the Dragon™ Egg is given out in the competition / quest!

The first 'Super' rare.
October 2002 Habboween seasonal section was added back into the catalogue, furniture bought from this section would not be getting deleted as opposed to the previous year!
October 2002 Access to a BETA client allowed people to test waving.

The ability to wave in both public and private rooms was later implemented.

November 2002 Camera section debuted in the catalogue!
November 2002 Holo-girl was released into the catalogue under the 'Extras' (Accessories) section, selling at 25 credits each.

The first 'rare' furniture.
17th December 2002
Habbo Club 'HC' debuts!

HobbaContact account was no longer being used, replaced by 'Moderator'

Popular list only showed top 60 rooms.

The caption box when clicking a habbo or furniture was updated.

<_+*> username characters were no longer an option during account creation.

December 2002 Christmas seasonal section was added back into the catalogue,

Hyacinths, poinsettia, stars and tinsel were added into the catalogue along with all the previous year's furniture.
May - July 2002 Warner Village Cinemas and Sunny Delight™ end their promotion with Habbo Hotel.

The Sunny Delight Lido is removed, soon followed by the Warner Village Cinema public room!

Replaced with the regular Habbo Cinema and Lido.
May - December 2002 Small plants and other furniture such as the army plasto chair that were not available in the catalogue were being scripted illegally and entered trading circulation.

June - December
Stickies, Area, Iced and  Plasto furniture were graphically updated!

Hobba alerts were changed to appear inside the client rather than appearing externally as an exclamation window.

August - December 2002 Mode hatches, lodge doorways and holodice were added into the catalogue!
Other Important Updates January 2003
New HC and rare furniture were introduced monthly!

3rd February 2003
New homepage layout!

28th April 2003
New catalogue layout!