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Hobba Information

The Hobba program was introduced within the first few weeks of Habbo UK being opened. Hobbas were introduced to help support the Habbo community and enforce safety and moderation within Habbo Hotel's walls.

'HobbaContact' and later 'Moderator' were created to support the hobba team during the huge community growth in 2001 - 2002 and were armed with tools to watch over the hotel. 'HobbaContact' and 'Moderator' were shared accounts and were occupied during moderated hotel hours by professional, employed moderator staff.
Moderator would typically do a 2-hour shift and take it in turns with other members of staff. Moderator would answer to any problems or questions any hobbas would have and would then report this to the office, if need be. Moderator would also take urgent calls for help to deal with serious or technical issues.

 Hobbas were unpaid, volunteer moderators and had the power to warn, kick, mute and ban users depending on what action deemed necessary. Hobbas that had their badge turned on were most likely 'On Duty', however when with friends or just socializing, they would simply turn their badge off.

Hobbas were advised to do at least 1-2 hours of work a week, many didn't log onto the hotel in months and were then sent an email and consequently later had their badge taken away. On the contrary some hobbas worked really hard and were promoted, thereby taking on a full moderator position. People such as Dirk_Gently, moosemaster and Y0RKIE are examples of individuals that were promoted by Sulake.

Hobba Facts

The Hobba Forum was once a separate forum that was set up by Spanker and the team of hobbas in 2001. 'Cindy' the Head Hobba, or 'Anne', as she was commonly known back then, was fully supportive of this forum.

Many habbos and hobbas opposed this forum and showed nothing but contempt to the site, this caused a lot of discrepancy within the hobba team. Cindy took action against a few of the more so 'troublesome' hobbas.

 Habbo decided to set up their own official forum in 2002 that was integrated into the 'Hobbanet'

Click here for kal's rant site made in opposition to the forum.

Click here to see the old forum!

Spawn_Xe was the longest serving hobba during the hobba program. He served as a hobba from 2001 - 2005.

In 2001, there was no age limit for applying to be a hobba,
all they asked of you was experience and a clean record.

During summer 2002, Sulake decided to put an age limit of 16 on the applications, however this was rather short lived as it was decided that in November 2003 that the age limit would be increased to 18!

During the rapid growth of the community in 2001, the revolutionary Hobba Channel was introduced in the middle of the year, this allowed hobbas to pick up calls for help sent from Habbos that needed emergency assistance.

Click here to see some stupid hobba calls in 2002..

The 'Hobbanet' was a tool outside of the main client, created to allow hobbas to have remote access to their account, and use their commands without having logged into the hotel. The Hobbanet also included the 'Hobba Forum' a forum in which hobbas could share information, ideas and interact with other moderators in the team.

In 2001, anyone could use the :startlog command to record their own chatlogs for future reference, however in late 2001 this command became hobba/moderator only.

There were different hobba teams, each member of the their specified team was identified with either 'HT' or 'Tech' in their mission, e.g. 'HT5' was the Latino hobba team.

There were 3 levels of Hobba:

Silver (Newbie) Hobba:

These individuals were hobbas in training and were identified with a silver badge. They were given SIMS Training, given a 'Hobba Handbook' and assigned a guardian hobba to practice their commands against who also taught their assigned silver hobba how to deal with the public and be a proper hobba. Silver hobbas were not allowed to pick up any calls for help without the permission of their guardian and only during their SIMS training.

Powers: Immune to kick, override room capacity limit, alert

Gold Hobba:

These individuals were hobbas that had passed the SIMS training and were given their gold badge. They had permission and sufficient powers to take action on any Habbo that is contravening the 'Habbo way' and were there to support the community.
Powers: softkick, roomkick, ban, open/close room, superban, startlog, shutup, unmute, alert, roomshutup, roomunmute

Super Hobba [SH]:

These individuals were experienced supervisor hobbas, often being a dedicated and hard working hobba for more than 12 months, Sulake would offer these hobbas a promotion to a higher position, often as a team leader with more powers. Super hobbas, along with moderators trained silver hobbas during their month silver trial.

Powers: softkick, roomkick, ban, open/close room, superban, startlog, shutup, unmute, alert, roomshutup, roomunmute, edit private room, reset rights, database/individual's records and hobba activity log

As of December 2005 the Hobba Program is now suspended. It was decided that the growing team of professional moderators will be able to perform many of the tasks assigned to the Hobba team. Security threats, mainly being the unacceptable amount of compromised hobba accounts has also alerted Sulake for a change. All existing moderators now use their own account with the 'MOD' prefix.

Who were the Hobbas?

List of Hobbas 2001- 2002

>DONNA<, -aaa-, -Evo- (Evo), agent_melle, alienoreo, alira, Andyz, -Angelus-, ant, Aramina18, Becksy, berrygirl, bIsHbOsH, bortwein, Bossy.Boots, Brainpower, CATje, cavendishpr, cindy, Crass, Cringle, DarkGurl, DjAriel, DkNy, don_beech, dreamofnight, dreamy_donna, Dukey, e1f, Ellis_Zero (Dionysus), flammabledude, Hayami,
GB4U (Pandy), gissberg87(gissberg), gringle, Gurra, Harmony365, HobbaContact, HoneyBlonde, Innersmile, insanedevil, Iris., IvanaThump, jaxsprat, JayJay (JJ_2001), Jephyrr, Joe_Computer, JustJewIt, kal (nautilus-x), Kiera, King_Mob, KoRnKat, Kobby, lean, Leezee
, lilduckie,
lindamerlin (Akela!), Londonboot, lostfairy, madcowuk, Matttt, MegaMouse, mennis, MikePepsi, Mir-age, minimonkey, MinnietheMinx, minusbaby, MotherAngel, mysticohl, NINE, orcka, oreo, palesky, perl, PHANTOM-01, PrncssDncr, rat.., realman, rebel-rich, red_rose,
RedVelvet (me), R0BERT, RubberRing,
SECURIC0 (SEC), ShawnFifty, sisil, SKATEHOG,
snoeksie, snoopstar, Spanker, Sparkie2001, Spawn_Xe, Stevey, Sunster, supreemball, Tboot, Tef, the-Dude, TheTitan, ThinLizzy, U-Turn, Vamparella, Wahbond, Xavear, yonkers, zout

List of Hobbas 2003 - 2005

 abbie2002, :Ace, Ace, acidsky, afrodita82, Ak:, Amiea, Andyz, Aramina18, Arcox, armando88, anjuna, AUDI0SLAVE, AvadaKedavra, B3thelostbanan, babymonk, Baldelli, BarbaraAnne, beamus, beetlejooce (MOD-IT), bettyboom5, blackmaggot (MOD-Omega), Blacky777, blue=eyes, bob, bono15, .:Borges, ..BOSCO..,  botnet (catid),  Brian_online, bubujane, (MOD-Bu), CalvinR (GigaHz), cetra, chelseaboy, chillingout, chungoman, CindyLuWho, C00L, cookiezz, CoolMark, cool-aide, cotswoldrob, Crass, crayoneater, Crbobba, Crowley, cue_ball, ::Denzel::,
-dEEJaY-, -DoKeR-, DaleL, DancinStarz, DaughterAngel, DemianXXX, Detromentalxx, Dionysus (Ellis_Zero),
Dirk_Gently (MOD-Alfie), divingticket, DJAriel, DJMO, DollEyes, DonMaster, doxport, drs_johnny, Dukey,
Dysy, Efrenuki, Elki, Elux, emoSE, Emulsifiers, Ennui, entmaiden, erbala, ErnestoC, Etched, EVILEDDIE, evilsmoothie,
Evo (-Evo-), FarmerJiles (Monsiour_Moo), fdb, fillet-o-fish, flightdogy, Floyd, FoohFooh, formula1freak, Freya, furball893, .:GaDiTaNo:., galilander, Gatsby, gazsux,
 geglash (Monsiour_Moo), Generix (GigaHz), Germy, GoldenGunner, GrumpyGirl, GucciPrincess, Gummybears, gypsy_woman, .homsito., habboid2112, Haraki, Hel_182, Hippy, hjelp,
 hot_shot, Huneydust, Hulerabo, Ian-San, iBacon (Bacey), Imp, Impetuous (Callie), IodizedBoat, IWASYOURS, Jabboy, Jambalayaa, jamie33 (Work-Exp),
Jay (Murano), JeanC.Vandame (MOD-Aioria), JinxZillah, JJWheeler, Jodes, JOKERRRR (Johno), jose:-vzla, jrh2002, Julia82, Juniornovoa, Kaiserina, kar010s, Kencoboy (Kenco),
kingjem (Work-Exp 2003), KITTEN.007, LadyJJ, Laen, Laupinha, LaurieLou, LIGHT, lobster2, lostfairy, Lost_Witness,
Louki, Lucky_duckie, Luckyclone, Luis, LuisFigo2003, M@k1@v3L0, macallan, MADAME!!!, .Marl., metz, Mikedude, Minnet, Mizki, mjf, Moderator, Moderator-2, moosemaster (MOD-Moose),  MotherAngel, MrFixer, Muffin, MultipleChris, Murano, mystery, MysticalQueen, N1C0DEMUS, NCO, nessie29, NeverEnough, Nike.boy (NIKES), NotBecs, Novae, NubianQueen, nyndel, oddinary, PoSeId0, PaolaCCs, Pandy (GB4U), peppero, Pernambucano, petardo, PETUSITA, Phila, PrincessMinny, professorB, protone, PS28XBOX, PsychoLlama, quaCKLing, Quacque, QuarterBack, Quartex, Quincy, Quixotic, rareboy, RCTV, REALDARK, realman, redtiz, RegulaTe!, Retin, renata_m, requiem, Ringfinger, Rodja, romancefreak, RubberRing, SafetyFairy, Sanna, ScaryMo, Scoobysnaks, Scorbutic (MOD-Scor), Scythe, SECURICO (SEC), SergeantJeff, SerraAngel, sg1fannz, ShadowShriek, shady.18, sheilaTeQuila, shorthabb, silverbanana, ::SiLvInA::, siobhoan, sir.hots, Skaterpro420, Sken, SL1M, smooch, Smsfootball, SoISay, sook, Sox, SpiderGutz, SpookyJones, Springmoon, starry:grrl, ste471, Stephen (ste), sunshinecutie, Supreemio (supreemball), sweetpinky, SweetSapphy, .trek., Toadbex (MOD-Flaxy), Toady, --TORETO--, turtle, -tracie-, UKChaseral, UncleGunther, UPLINK, VaxDamz, V0luM3n, vihta (botnet), vostradeis, wanderingspirit, WAYNE_J, Weekend, weird, westogent, whitebengal, willmeg, Wintermist, Wizeth, wolvergambit, worMatty, Wylde, Xek, Xev,
Y0RKIE (MOD-UK), YaTwice, YouForget, zepelin13, Zycon, zzeus

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