What is TYCOON TOWERS and what do we do? Thats what this page is about.

TYCOON TOWERS is a themepark on habbo hotel. We have over 50 rooms and we are the biggest and best themepark on habbo. It was founded by JU5T and p1ckle. The owners are ju5t and p1ckle. JU5T and y.2.k.1.little manage the website.

We originally opened in December 2002. The themepark was P1ckle's (Pickle2005's) idea, with ju5t and cel.damage. joining him as owners. Back then we had 3 entrances to the themepark, and on one occasion we had them all open at the same time, so we had 75 people inside our entrances and loads more inside the park. Originally we only had about 5 attractions so we did not have many returning customers. After a few weeks we allowed one of the best workers at tycoon towers (-=mstl=-) to join us as an owner. Shortly after that we decided cel.damage. could not be an owner anymore because he had not put much effort into the themepark. We ran smoothly for a couple of months, continuously adding more rooms and improving our current rooms. By then we had grown very large and our staff and rooms were unorganised so we began to experience some problems, including rooms being trashed by ex-staff. After failing to sort out the problems straight away p1ckle quit and went on to create another successful themepark, Habbo World, and -=mstl=- also quit, leaving ju5t a the sole owner. But Tycoon Towers kept going.

Because of the shortage of rooms ju5t let Astonish join him as owner and he made a few rooms, before quiting habbo a few weeks later. There were still a number of problems with staff and the organisation of the rooms, so ju5t decided to close the themepark for a month until december 1st 2003. This gave him a chance to totally reorganise the whole place without having to deal with hundreds of staff asking him questions. Tycoon had a hard time getting back of its feet, and for a short time it lost its place as the most popular themepark on habbo to Wonderworld, owned by coolmandan6.

Then in early 2004 Tycoon Towers had a big comeback. joined as owner, adding lots more rooms to tycoon towers, and the a couple of days later p1ckle came back. At first p1ckle was only in tycoon to let the themepark use his rooms, but soon he began to play a more active part in running the themepark, and he took over the running of the entrance room from ju5t, allowing ju5t to focus more on the inside of the themepark. Now I think its fair to say Tycoon Towers is the biggest, highest quality, and although it has struggled in the past with this one: the MOST POPULAR themepark on habbo hotel.

That doesn't mean we will stop improving. Another themepark could catch up with us anytime, so it will be a challenge to stay on top. We will still be constantly improving our attractions using all the furni we have (so make sure you drop some stuff in the donation room!). If you want to check out the competition, Fun Land Theme Park owned by Jamie33 is a great up and coming themepark, and coolmandan6's Wonderworld is also worth a visit.