This section of the site is primarily info for staff, but anyone can look at it - we have no secrets at TYCOON TOWERS!

RANKS(If your not included ask ju5t or y.2.k.1.little to add you.)

Trainee - Your new, don't be surprised if the higher ranks aren't nice to you, you can do your best to be liked by reading all the FAQs instead of asking staff. Before you can become a higher rank you need to complete your training by going to a lecture, and showing that you can work well.Trainee's are not listed on the website
Receptionist - You've passed the trainee stage, your now a valued member of the team. hikerman, kikirules
Senior Receptionist - You get the password to the rooms.
Supervisors - You get rights in the main tycoon entrance., Marrsey2
Senior Supervisors - You get rights in the main room.dentist_boy
Managers - You get rights in the staff telenetwork and staff teles. Xva, Frustrating, JU5TTH3N, JD-2004
Senior Managers - You get rights in ju5t's and p1ckle's telenetworks.Peur, flame100, Dudeboy12, Ryanisthebest.(lifeee), telly-no-tubby
Elite - You get rights in the photobooth and foodcourt. techno259
Senior Elite - You get rights in tycoon trade room, and tycoon seasons. jamie33
Legend - You get rights in an attraction Fr@gT@st!ic, ikea., :.Spy.:2.2
Senior Legend - You get rights in 2 more attractions. Coolkim, black-t5, A1Aowen
Directors - You get rights in 2 more attractions. Yeh, x6xpaulx9x
Senior Directors - You get rights in all main attractions. ftb4eva, TerribleTony
Staff Directors - You get rights almost everywhere. It's highest rank in ttt unless you own a main network. y.2.k.1.little
Co Owners - These are people who own 5 or more rooms at TTT., Beam
Owners - You cant be an owner unless all the others agree, you would need to have about 20 rooms to add to tycoon towers. Do not send owners friend requests, they wont except they get loads. Although the owners do both do lots of stuff, ju5t focuses more on improving the rooms in the themepark, while p1ckle focuses on running the entrance dealing with staff issues. JU5T, P1ckle

What's My Mission?
Your mission should be:
"TTT Rank"
Obviously replace Rank with whatever your rank is, so if your new here it will be:
"TTT Trainee"
There is no uniform.
What do I do? What's my job?
Get the main room popular by inviting mates, asking people to invite their mates, bringing in clones... Also Sit behind the Desk and give out jobs, maybe tell people about the website: Be nice to everyone, and help people by telling them where rooms are and stuff.
Do I get paid?
No. Occasionally the owners may share out the donations but don't ask its only very occasional. You should be mainly working for fun. If you have rights then you can take donations from people who wish to skip the queue. You can keep half of these, the rest you must give to the owners
When do I get rights in the main room?
When you get promoted to the rank of supervisor.
What happens if I donate?
You can get promotions and rights. But it's expensive. Only donate to ju5t, because other staff could scam you.
I don't have rights, so what can I do?
Loads... If we are just opening you can advertise by inviting your friends and telling people who come to invite theirs. If we are at the top of the popular list all you need to do is help keep things running smoothly by asking people to move up, and tell people that they can get jobs on the website.
How can I get promoted?
You have to get noticed by either working hard or by donating furni to JU5T to help improve the park. Please do not continuously ask for promotions, I'm sure you can imagine how annoying this is! You can be promoted by anyone that is at least 2 ranks higher than you.
Can I give people jobs?
At the current time we have a large amount of staff so for someone to get a job they need to pass an interview. So to give someone a job you need to be an official interviewer (as decided by p1ckle)