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Hotel Facts: 20/01/2003 

2,538,887 people signed up to HABBO HOTEL™.                     
89 Hobbas in the Hotel.
9 Moderators in the Hotel.
Around  2,500 e-mails received daily.

List of the first 10 registered Habbos are as follows:

1) Aapo
2) toto
3) kyrpov
4) drken
5) marion
6) james
7) habbo
8) armasK
9) Apparatus
10) mappe

MOBILES DISCO, Kultakala and HABBO HOTEL were the brainchild of Aapo and Apparatus

The main programmer was
He was responsible for programming much of the client including implementing private rooms and the Habbo Lido.

and drken were the main graphics designers for Project Goldfish, Kultakala and Habbo UK.

Furniture types such as lodge, bathroom, plants, teleports, typewriters and small prize trophies were created by

Furniture types such as candy, mode, area, iced, plasto and small plants were created by

7 people work for HABBO™ ltd.

There are over 2.5 million accounts on Habbo at this present day. My first account was around the 130,000th user to register, and that was in Mid 2001!

First ever room created is 'My Home' owned by '

The first room created by non Sulake staff is owned by '

The second room created by non Sulake staff is owned by '
Becksy' (Ex-Hobba)

The first HC Room is owned by 'HobbaContact'

During 2001, Sulake were testing gaming furniture in private rooms.
Battleships, Chess, Noughts and Crosses and Poker were then going to be playable without visiting the public gaming room.

Due to the amount of glitches and problems occurring while implementing this furniture, the idea was soon scrapped and this furniture never made it into the public eye!

Unearthed below is a screenshot of this rather ugly looking set of furniture created by
  Brightness levels in private rooms were beta tested in 2001.
Sulake proposed for a dial tool to be added to private rooms allowing the owner to control the brightness of the lighting in the room. The owner could well darken the room lighting to suit the theme and nature of their room by simply rotating an on screen dial. Apparently this tool was scrapped due to the amount of bugs in the earlier release of Habbo.

In 2001, it was possible for any user to use the :startlog 'email' command. All users could record their own chatlogs for future reference!. This was removed in 2001 when the 'Hobba Channel' was introduced, this tool automatically recorded their chatlogs when a 'Call for help' is sent and could be viewed with a single click, thereby making moderation on Habbo UK that little bit easier!

(Thanks to Ex-Hobba
gissberg87 for this information)

During 2001 and 2002, you were entirely free to use foul language on HABBO HOTEL™. At the end of the 2002, Habbo decided to introduce a zero tolerance policy on swearing and profanities. If you were caught swearing or being abusive to anyone else after 28th December 2002, you would be immediately banned for 2 hours. As you could imagine, this caused an uproar of opposition from people during this period, including myself. From the community's eyes, Habbo UK were taking away our freedom of speech. We challenged and showed nothing but contempt for this new policy.

Click here to see RedVelvet's thoughts..

Click here to see eyeball.kid's opposition..

HobbaContact was changed to 'Moderator' in November 2002 to avoid confusion between Habbo Club and the HobbaContact account.

During early 2002 until Habbo Club was released a few days ago, it was possible for any Habbos to have outrageous hair/hat colours.

This was done by exploiting a glitch when changing your looks and gender on the hotel view.

Click here for a guide to this glitch!

Edit: Similar hair colours of hair style are now still available, but these colours are now only available to people who subscribe to the new Habbo Club.

The Welcome Lounge opened its doors  yesterday on the Monday 20/1/2003 at around 4:00pm.

This main intent of this new public room is for experienced users to advise and guide new users around the hotel.


Daisy (Hotel Founder), ione (2001 Hotel Manager), Jibbi (2003 Hotel Manager),
cindy (2001 Head Hobba), Becs (2003 Head Hobba)
wenders (2002 Assistant Community Manager)

Other Customer Relations and Technician staff include:
Dany, Wirah, Dionysus, Pret, Chelseaboy, Gazsux.

For lunch they like to get takeaways from: Pret, Ixxys, Burger King, EAT, Benjy's etc. etc.

They mainly listen to 80's music in the office whilst they work.

Andrew (Pret) likes Onken Biopots, peach flavour with wholegrain, and he eats tonnes of them.
Rebecca (ione) eats homous a lot when they go out to the pub.
Mark (Dionysus)  takes about an hour to drink a single Smirnoff Ice.
Ant (Wirah) drinks tia-maria and coke a lot.
Mark (Dionysus) and Ant (Wirah) never offer to make the coffee and are extremely messy.
Rebecca (ione) is the chatty and the loud one in the office.

About 35 coffees are consumed each day. (4-5 each!)

The original Sulake team went on a tour of Brazil from 11 - 18 October 2000
Click the below image to view the archive of these photos.