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 Small Plant (Aloe Vera)

These plants were originally scripted from the catalogue at the same time period as the Army Plasto Chair during the late 2002 period. Sulake decided to update the graphical design of the plant and then release these plants into the catalogue as a rare furniture on 17th March 2003.

Tic-Tac-Toe Board

These boards were scripted during 2001 and the first half of 2002 on Habbo UK. These boards were available from the catalogue on Kultakala and were fully playable but later removed due to glitches. These boards were not playable on Habbo UK and could only be traded. If a moderator caught anyone in possession of one these boards, they would be immediately permanently banned. These items were removed from the database in 2002.

Dark Blue and Gold Plasto Pods

These items have never been 'officially' on sale in the catalogue. These were made available by a series of scripting programs in 2002. The majority of these pods were deleted in 'Amnesty' rooms made by Hobbas in 2002 and 2003, literally 10,000's of these pods were deleted over the year which means these are now considered a rather rare item as they have finally been dubbed 'legal trade'.

Green, Blue and Yellow Faux Fur

Again, these were made available using third party scripting programs in 2002. Amnesty rooms seemed to have wiped away 99% of these rugs, however there still exist the minority.


Army Green Plasto Chair

These are a rather interesting item, easily the rarest of the scripted furniture. Like the above furniture, these were made available during late 2002 using scripting programs.

There are supposedly a mere 50 of these chairs in circulation as of July 2004. People didn't seem to want to create many of these chairs, possibly because of their rather unattractive colour!

However.. easily the rarest item available today.


Chess Board

Technically, this could not be classed as furniture. This item could not be placed down in a room and was only tradable.

Habbo Newspaper)
This piece of 'furniture' is not even in the database, it was created solely from using a filter as it borrows graphics from the public room 'Cunning Fox Gamehall'  which is not programmed to be placed down in a private room.

My own opinion:
Apparently this furniture was released on KULTAKALA, but was removed within days of being heavily glitched. I guess Sulake decided to scrap the idea of being able to play board games in your own private rooms, as it is causing too many problems.
Anyone caught in possession with more than one of this item or caught trading th
em would be immediately banned!. All of these items were removed in January 2003. If you traded good furniture for one, it was just tough luck as they were deleted!

Scripted Colour Stickies:




Between the years of 2001-2004, it was possible to change the hex codes of stickies to any given hexadecimal colour. This was done using a third party scripting program. There were tonnes of combinations of hex codes therefore the potential for many interesting colour stickies!

Scripting the colours of stickies was patched around 2004 and cannot be done anymore, scripted stickies seem to be somewhat of a rarity now. Even though I knew how to edit this script (colours), I am not giving out this information due to the fact it contravened the Habbo Way and was an illegal and bannable act.

I have gathered a small collection of the rooms I found with the last remaining scripted stickies. I am certain that this will eventually be patched.. so enjoy!

Room: Club Cannibal
Owner: CannibalLecter

Room: Eh.  .  .  .
Owner: Below.

Room: Smokin' Palace I
Owner: skankyboy


It is believed that 'SonicMouse' was the first Habbo to discover this exploit, however there is no absolute confirmation of this, only the below screenshots. I highly doubt that he was the first person to discover this, but I do believe that SonicMouse was the first person to go 100% 'public' with this exploit and start wreaking havoc in people's rooms.

As you can see to the left, white stickies were never heard of back in early 2002 and it was quite a shock to people. Within months, the knowledge of scripting coloured stickies spread around the hotel like wildfire, thus everyone (that didn't read the Terms and Conditions) was trying it!

Did you know it was once possible to script stickies and furniture so that a user upon entering the room would be errored and disconnected!

In 2002 and 2003 some people couldn't get into their room for nearly 6 months!

Staff addressed this problem in Summer 2003 and again in 2004.