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Sk8erBoy89 asks: could i become a hobba without a citizen card

You have to have photo id. I don't know what a citizen card is, but I'm a hobba without one, so I'll go with no on this one.

RedVelvet - 4:18 PM


Didn't someone ask me this already? I'll give you the answer I gave them. Go fuck yourself. Thanks.

RedVelvet - 4:16 PM

mordant.soul asks: Why are you ignoring me and more importantly my ask a hobba questions? I guess i'm just not cool enough to be associated with you anymore. Oh well. Back to corporate america where i am truly loved.

I haven't gotten anything from you in over a week. I'm not ignoring you. :*

RedVelvet - 4:15 PM

Sk8ah asks: why do people think cyber is so disgusting?

I don't think it's disgusting. I think it's pathetic. Big difference. Anyway, there is a time and place for everything, and if you just HAVE to get it on with hotchik69, then don't do it at habbo. Habbo is a site designed for KIDS, and you wouldn't get your hump on with an 11 year old standing by the bed watching, would you? She's probably a man anyway.

RedVelvet - 4:14 PM

Cool person asks: I just wanna say Kal that without ppl like u the scum like Spanker would never be shown up. Keep up the good work and u should so not of been fired

It's tough to "keep up the good work" as you say, when there's no work for me to keep up. My hobba badge was removed a long time ago.


RedVelvet - 4:11 PM

Becgirl asks: Is there anyway on this god damn earth that we can kick those annoying asses who stand in the doors flooding? Cause i've had enough of them little prats I want em out and I'm all for the laser thing!

I wish habbo would add a better flood protection function. It wouldn't be that hard to do. Hobbas can mute the lil shits, and I've been looking up their records and if they've been warned/kicked before, I ban them now. Flooding SUCKS.

RedVelvet - 4:10 PM

OrangeDevil asks: Geez...... The amount of so called ''hackers'' i see around the hotel, naked, invisible, one eye, no arms no legs....... *tuts* Well i reckon the only way to stop this is let these options be avaliable!! Ok so not the invisible or naked one, but whats wrong with red skin, and as for it bein classed as hacking...... no way, it's just typing in a few numbers!! Sisil seems to agree with me since she doesnt have a problem with these so called hackers, whats your view on this RedVelvet

This brings up the question, how can you define a hacker? Most of these people are not hacking, they are exploiting bugs in habbo. Legitimate hackers, like SonicMouse and Dummster, are different from your average, memory hacking skin color assholes. I don't like the one eyed, shirtless, red skinned people at all, because of the way newbies SWARM to them and flood over and over "show me how!!!" and shit. I don't think habbo will add wacky heads and colored skin to the options, because it's supposed to be sorta realistic. Well, as realistic as 12 year old looking pixel people can get, anyway.

RedVelvet - 4:08 PM

nine says: jr. hobbas. yes... thats just what im hoping for. a 10 year old kid on a power trip banning me from habbo hotel cause i said the word poo. u think habbo will let my dog be a hobba? shes a shitzu. very intellegent. shes actually tping this now. - very good at taking dictation.

I don't think Jr. Hobbas would ever have actual powers. The idea would be for them to handle the newbie load for us, going around answering questions and whatnot. I'm still pretty sure it will never happen though.

RedVelvet - 4:03 PM


Hawu asks: I am sick to the bobba king teeth of newbies approaching me and asking for furni or credits when I enter any room. Why don't we start up a resistance force and hide out in a room shooting any n00bs with a big old laser? How about it? :P, No, my real question is where are all the good old habboers, I can't seem to find anyone that isn't advertising for some lameass room. Also, I managed to pull my underwear up to my shoulders, should I go to the Book Of World Records? Do I Have a chance? Yours Failthfully, Hawu

Lasers might be a bit too much. I find that my trusty mute tool works just as well on those flooding asshats. The old people.. so many of them gone. I'm afraid that habbo has passed it's prime now, and that all you're ever gonna find (for the most part) is 11 year olds bobbaing and 13 year olds starting gangs. If you managed to get your underwear to your shoulders, you'd give yourself a sex change.

RedVelvet - 1:04 PM

-HOT-HOT-HOT- asks: I dont understand kilvesters gender thingy, i cant do the fill in no password and then accept bit!

That's just it. When you accept with no password, an error message pops up. When you click ok on that, you can complete the rest of the instructions. You're not supposed to go to the next screen.

RedVelvet - 1:01 PM

Becgirl asks: Which do u like best France or Italy and Electrode34 is the most annoying pathic well behaved habbo eva (why do u use bad language ur a hobba is such a pathic question lol lol lol can u be more square??)

Italy, hands down. I get asked a lot about my language and my attitude, as do a few other hobbas. We're not professional mods, nor do we all come from the same backgrounds. Each hobba is different, and we don't all enforce the habbo way exactly alike. While some hobbas target language and "you called me poohead" arguements, I target scammers. I've always been against the private room bobba filter, because if we put money into the service, we should be able to say whatever the fuck we want, and if someone comes in and is offended, they can leave. Feh.

RedVelvet - 1:00 PM

skankinpixy asks: so wait...kusagi gummies are amazing,(especially peach :9), but have you ever had japanese jellybeans? they blow jelly bellys right out of the water. they may have a mere four flavors to jelly belly's 60 or so, but they still compleatly leave them in the dust. i suggest you try "poiful". yes, "poiful". they come in little boxes. mmmmmm.

peach and apple are great, I love the cranberry and melon gummies as well. I've never tried the jellybeans, but I will as soon as I can find some. I've been buying stuff from
Asia Foods because they have good prices and I get my order in 24 hours. :D

RedVelvet - 12:56 PM

OrangeDevil asks: I hear Quite alot of people know about this so called idea of having ''Jr Hobbas'' first of all i think it's a great idea..... habbo's between the age of 12-16 could actually help out! Well i hear ione is still trying to work on the idea but is it just a rumour with loads of other rumours backing it up, but i hope habbo ltd can pull this stunt off and create hobbas with a bit of youth around the hotel!! Also i have sent minicooper's pic in ''for the real life vs habbo bit'' because he couldn't do it please stick it on your site, many thanks red v OrangeDevil x x x

Yeah, the kids love the idea, I just don't see it happening. Thanks for sending his pic in, if it's not emailed to me, I always forget. Shit, I forget when it IS emailed to me sometimes. :P

RedVelvet - 12:53 PM


KoRnKat asks: What Flavour is Dr. Pepper?!? It Tastes so Unique and sometimes too good to be true, but what flavour is it exactly?!? " I ask thee, I ask thee... Almighty Red_V! "

Dr Pepper was created by a pharmacist who's customers were tired of the standard fruit flavored sodas. The company remains pretty tight lipped about *exactly* what's in it. To me, it's got a hint of cherry, a bit of vanilla, and an assload of corn syrup.

RedVelvet - 11:16 PM

KoRnKat asks: I'm sure youv'e all seen the endless Child Adoption rooms in Habbo, and all the Babies seem to have unique Habbo Names...Whats the WORST name you have ever heard for a child and why? (One that made you cringe, drop your heavenly thoughts Of cheese and say "Mannnn..they have cruel Parents!")

My friends' mother was a HS guidance counsellor, she told me that she had two kids in one year named Shithead (pronounced Shuh Theed) that were unrelated. There was a girl at my school named Female (pronounced Fem Ah Lay) who's mother thought the doctor had named her since she was wearing a braclet that said "female".

RedVelvet - 11:01 PM

Spawn Xe asks: Ask a Hobba was my idea about half a year ago!... i demand royalties and umm im gonna sue ur ass.. yeh! Hehe, no.. what i wanna ask is: How much would u like to silence those all annoying noobs asking questions.. you know the "whats the badge for" "how do i be a hobba" "vote for me to be a hobba" etc, a mute button would be perfect dont ya think?

Well we *do* have the shutup command. I don't think LTD would like us using it on n00bs though.

RedVelvet - 10:57 PM

skippythefrog asks: how come I can't play bass like bootsy collins? and do you often wonder why the name "bootsy" didn't catch on?

Who? Bootsy went the way of Mable and Whitey. Some names just aren't meant for certain generations.

RedVelvet - 10:56 PM

skippythefrog asks: do you think gwen stefani should get a boob job? I say HELL NO! mmmmmmmmmm...little b3wbs!

Implants are DISGUSTING. End of story.

RedVelvet - 10:53 PM

KartingChamp asks: Why ant they recruiting for hobbas? its pretty lame, they don't have enough, but they don't wona recruit!!?!??!?!?!?!?!! Oh yea..sanies means : Sandwhiches ( its slang for old people going on a picknick in Britain u c... )
Oh, By the way, What should i do in case of a Alien broke into my house? should i:

A. Make friends with it.
B. Eat it and sell its bones to the Prisedent Bush?
C. Keep it as a pet and teach it to featch the mourning paper?

Couse i got one at this v moment!! Hehehe... It ate my dog..

Check the main page at Habbo, the Hobba application is back. If an alien broke into my house I'd A: Make friends with it. Why would you eat it, it may be bad for you. And as for choice C, are you really confident enough to think an alien (who broke into you house) would possess less intelligence than yourself? Maybe, before making it a pet, you should give it a spelling test. Start with the words "fetch" and "morning." Then stand back.

minusbaby 5:15 PM

NINE asks: if you were a woodchuck how much could u chuck?

As much as my bubbly woodchuck self would allow me until I die.

minusbaby 5:06 PM

DiabloHPD asks: If i had 5 habbos and 3 hobbas and i eat 2 habbos and a hobba, how many habbos and hobbas would i have left to eat?

Three Habbos, two Hobbas and a lot of explaining to do.

minusbaby 4:55 PM

Louis asks: Just outta interest, why am i sad enough to write to someone i dont know to tell them its by birthday on the 29th? if you can answer that, do you think i need help? and some friends? (btw a 'sanie' or 'sarnie' is british slang for a sandwich :P) (also i am a normal person who is seriously bored on this 'orrid sunday morning)

See that everyone? Moments like that are what I love about the internet. A completely random person telling me, and eventually you, about his birthday, telling us he is bored and dammit, he's not ashamed. That takes character. We've all felt that way, so bored that all one can do is stare at the monitor trying to figure out how many frames of animation are in the banner that is plastered all over eBay. You know the one - Steven Tyler, Willie Nelson and Stevie Wonder showing his nice teeth. Louis, I appreciate that email and would like to wish you a Happy Birthday and if you ever again become bored out of your mind while online, I suggest NetBabyWorld (
X), YayHooray! (X), Bartelby's reference section (X), Textz (X), Micromusic (X), AllMusic (X) Orisinal (X) and SodaPlay (X). Keep the Net alive and interesting like the texture of bathwater. And hey, thanks for clearing up the word "sarnie." <):'D

minusbaby 4:50 PM

klivester asks: Where do turnips come from?

I don't think I've ever eaten a turnip and my turnip trivia is lacking so I went on a search for turnip facts, folklore and wisdom. I had an idea of what they looked like, pretty much like radishes, so I made a little pixel turnip (1-1). It turns out they do look like radishes and can be completely yellow (1-2) or purple on top/yellowish toward the bottom (1-3). Here's the best page I found (
X). Knock yourself out.

1-1 1-2 1-3

minusbaby 3:13 PM

Electrode34 asks: Why do you use offensive language when you are supposed to be a hobba?

I don't use offensive language when answering calls or patroling. On my site and in real life I cuss like a sailor. This site is NOT any kind of official habbo site and the answers you get from me and my friends are not necessarily the answers you would get from real habbo staff. :D

RedVelvet - 12:46 PM

nine asks: my question doesnt really go to any of u hobbas but more to da_sweetniss and his/her responce... if u got scammed and dont know what to do dont u think that kinda drops you out of the running for hobba? first u got scammed. u should know better. second, u dont even know where to report a scam.i see this more and more common with kids who want to be a hobba... lets take the process one step at a time. why dont u take some time and become knowledgeable before attempting to assist others. i dont know, just a thought. -any comments from the actual hobbas are appreciated.

Right on.

RedVelvet - 12:24 AM

Sodom asks: Hey baby, wanna do it?

You know I love you, Sod, but I only uNF minus now. :o

RedVelvet - 12:24 AM asks:Do u have any Programs to make the habbo we creat go invisable,different color skin etc and a way to ban peeps and get rights for free and free furny and free credits.

Go fuck yourself. Thanks.

RedVelvet - 12:22 AM


da_sweetniss asks: Hi um i got two questions the first is: how do u become a hobba, and the second is: i got scammed can u help me?

How to be a hobba
here. Scambusters is here.

RedVelvet - 5:25 PM

Dragon_Ash asks: Do you think that habbo is a big corporate conspiracy and that they use us to find out which products are more popular. Think about it, where else do they get their funding from. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING!

I've suspected that their 3rd parties have a lot to do with the recent sudden and dramatic changes to their hobba policies. They seem to have a team of lawyers telling them what direction to piss in now. Habbo will go the way of Funzo, methinks.

RedVelvet - 5:21 PM

DiabloHPD asks: I would like to go to canada, Would you all like to come with me?

Sure, I'm only a couple hours from the border, but I've never been.

RedVelvet - 5:19 PM

Electrode34 asks: My friend wants to get me 50 free credits on splash plastic on habbo but he is worried that they wont appear cause i have already done it. Would he be able 2?

I'm not sure if you get 50 free ones per card or per habbo. Best email staff about that.

RedVelvet - 5:17 PM

punkstarstace asks: Rumor is that Ione was talking about Habbo having Junior Hobbas.. is this true???

The idea was tossed around, but it would require WAY too much work that needs to go into other things.

RedVelvet - 5:16 PM


nine asks: redvelvet leave habbo? say it is not so. i sit in pure disbelief.

You know I will always be around. I am getting rid of my bulk and keeping 4 of my rooms though. I like better, and I have two rooms over there especially for habbo refugees. One is blue. :D

RedVelvet - 11:22 AM

Some guy asks: when will the hobba application reopen and also do you have any tips on how to get to the final stage?

Your guess is as good as mine on both accounts. Habbo doesn't tell us much anymore, and keeps changing the way we do things. I don't even know what the last step is.

RedVelvet - 11:20 AM

nine asks: blueberry or blue_juice?

definitely blue_juice, because it tastes like radishes.

RedVelvet - 11:18 AM

OrangeDevil asks kal if you had the choice to rejoin the hobba group would you do it

Perhaps. But I don't think I would be treated the same as I used to. The things I did caused a lot of controversy inside the hobba community. But yea, I'd consider it.

RedVelvet - 11:17 AM

mark2k3 asks: hi im 10 do u no eny cheats plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

Yes, try the cheat code that gives you 400 free credits. When you're in habbo, go to the room "kal's drop off" and put all your furniture in there, and then press ALT+F4, and if it closes your habbo, don't worry... Just keep trying.

RedVelvet - 11:15 AM


DiabloHPD asks: Why are you so nice?

When I first started habbo, a kind hobba gave me furni because I was American and couldn't get credits (this was before credit cards were accepted.) and I've always felt the need to do the same for other newbies. My recent generocity is because I am leaving habbo for the most part, and killing all but 3-4 of my rooms.

RedVelvet - 1:21 PM

skippythefrog asks: I mean, do you REALLY think I'm a jerk?

No no.. I <3 you, you know that. Jerk.

RedVelvet - 1:18 PM asks: how do i get free furni???

The only way to get free furni and credits is by entering Habbo's weekly contest, or random site contests (like mine), or by finding (honest) free furni rooms on Habbo. Any person or site that wants your password or email for free furni is trying to scam you.

RedVelvet - 1:16 PM

*NOTE* I am not answering any more questions about the hair cheats. There are plenty of sites that give you that info, and this site does as well (check the archives).
RedVelvet - 1:13 PM


liam asks: do you know any cheats that get you credits if so how do you do it

There is no such thing, and anyone who disagrees is a scammer.

RedVelvet - 11:22 PM

x-bulma-x asks: AAAAGH how do you get that skirt on a man thing, its sad that you had to change the update my habbo id, I really cant understand klivesters but cant you tell me?

Klivester says, "if you can't understand it's because you don't go to school, and in all due respect, you now have to kiss my punk ass."

minusbaby 1:51 PM

SW_OUTLAW asks: Hi Red V, i wanna know if im sexy....plz help!

I dunno, are you?

minusbaby 1:27 PM

Electrode34 asks: Hi, Becgirl is really messing me about and going around in main rooms saying i am gay and talk dirty with boys. She is doing it cause she hates me at school and i hate her for this. I am being kick from the peoples rooms cause they think i am going to do what Becgirl said. The only problem is that no hobba would answer my call or come to me. It isnt fair. Could you help me plz?

If I'm online and I see you call, I will come. Unfortunately, I have no way of warning her without being there.

RedVelvet - 1:24 PM

nine asks: who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

Not me!

RedVelvet - 1:21 PM

nine asks: im sure u guys have been around at least as long as i have. do u remember when habbo opened for beta? seems like forever ago when was that?

Check Bish's timeline, all I remember is te day private rooms came out and the beta ended, Feb. 18th 2001.

RedVelvet - 1:12 PM

_SHORTSTUFF_ asks: Well, I have 2 questions one is how do u get credits if u live in United States Of America without a credit Card? and another is Can u stop other "Habbo Mafias" from constantly TRASHING my room? thankz alot and contact me if u have any furni u would like to give away!

Well, credits can be obtained thru the mail with an international money order that you can pick up at the post office. Mafias trashing your room? Don't pass out rights to people you don't trust. It's too late for that though, the only thing you can do is make a new room, move all your furni there, and start over with clean rights.

RedVelvet - 1:09 PM

OrangeDevil asks: Is it possible to ban someone from habbo forever, like so even if they get a new ip address or delete there shockwave files etc, is it possible you can give people life ban so they never visit the hotel again

Their name can be banned, but the person behind the ban can always return. Generally, IP and coookie bans are all anyone can (legally) use.

RedVelvet - 1:04 PM

DiabloHPD asks Whats the differnce between a hobba (like redvelvet) and hotelStaff (like hobbaContact)

Hobbas are unpaid and live all over the world. We were all recruited from the regular habbo population. HobbaContact is a professional moderator. Any staff member is paid, works in England, and is really working for habbo. Hobbas do not work for habbo.

RedVelvet - 1:00 PM

Jake wilson asks: I was banned from habbo hotel and i did not do any thing and some of my friends have been hacking me and have got me banned 5 times and know im banned agian

Um.. *ASK* a Hobba, meaning, ask a question. You didn't leave your habbo name, so there's nothing I can tell you. Contact staff if you've been banned/hacked. Hobbas can do nothing.

RedVelvet - 12:57 PM


DiabloHPD asks: What does -DOM- mean?


RedVelvet - 10:53 PM

Dragon_Ash asks: What came first, the chicken or the egg and also did the chicken pie come before the egg pie? (fried eggs and chicken too)

DiabloHPD also asks: What came first,the chicken or the egg?

According to National Geographic, scientists have settled the old dispute over which came first -- the chicken or the egg. They say that reptiles were laying eggs thousands of years before chickens appeared, and the first chicken came from an egg laid by a bird that was not quite a chicken. That seems to answer the question. The egg came first. What is egg pie?

RedVelvet - 10:51 PM

Dj_bif asks: how do u do the invisability cheat

You don't.

RedVelvet - 10:43 PM

puddo asks: Recently, I have come across something that both disappoints and annoys me. It has come to my attention that Habbo are temporarily installing a font on my computer. Everytime I log onto Habbo, it uploads a font named 'Volter (Goldfish)' onto my computer. As it could be used to advantages such as banner design etc. I feel rather disappointed that it doesn't stay on my computer, but on the other hand, it is automatically installing itself into my computer without any warning or cautioning. Couldn't this font be installed only in cookies? And is there any possible way I can download it to my computer permanently?

jinni asked me the same thing, and I couldn't come up with a solution. Maybe you could copy it from the temp location and hide it or something? I'm not sure how shockwave cookies work either. Maybe you could get a better answer from habbo's tech team?

RedVelvet - 10:41 PM

kal asks: why does blogger not work for me? *cry*

Try going
here and checking out some of the common blogger issues.

RedVelvet - 10:39 PM


Electrode34 asks: What happened after the halloween furniture dissapeared? did you get your credits back?

No, we didn't get anything. No apologies for stealing our MONEY either. Habbo's official word was that we were warned that it would only last for a few days, but that is still bad business. No, not bad, HORRID business.

RedVelvet - 6:33 PM

DiabloHPD asks: Have you got a playstation2? is so have you played MGS2 ? it rocks..o and feel free to come into HPD :)

I have a PS2, I am currently playing FFX and GTA3, I don't have MGS2 yet. :)

RedVelvet - 5:38 PM

KartingChamp asks: Can u tell me how to make my man red( red face and all ) Couse i wona screeen shoot, thats all, ill lock the door and everything on my room, WAA PLEASE TELL ME ;). P.S, Do u like Ham and cucumber with sauce in your sanies?

Red skin is a hack, and against habbo rules. I don't know how to do it. I don't like ham, what is a sanie? Sounds like tampon slang? :o

RedVelvet - 5:31 PM

HABBO_BACKUP asks: hehe :-) I guess this is one sad question and i know im not a hobba but could i help you guys? maybe i could help some questions bu if i cant i could just help on habbo anyway :P And if there are any Poor... habbos out there, see me ill spare you a thing or too guys :-)

Well, the biggest help to a hobba is someone helping them answer questions. As most of you have seen, when we're in a room, newbies tend to surround us and flood us with questions. It's always a huge help to us if you school them. :D If you mean help out on this site, no, we've got more than enough now. There are other hobbas and upcoming hobbas who want to be on here. Maybe if the questions increase, more people can join, like a staff or something. *shrug*

RedVelvet - 5:29 PM

Klivester asks: Are you the one who's been signing me up for the regular hourly dose of porn mail on my Hotmail account?

What gives you that idea? That's what you get for using Hotmail as your default email address. Along with the occassional "DIPLOMAS NOW" email you are given a choice between insane clown farm sex, barely legal fainting goat cams and monster truck rubber duck pornoctopus salad voyeurism upskirt galleries. Isn't that why you signed up with Hotmail in the first place? No, but really, one good way to cut down on annoying spam is by not including your actual email address on webpages; i.e. message boards, forums and personal websites. Search engines use automated programs called bots or robots, spiders, crawlers, and other stupid names related to the word "web" to search Net. These robots scurry around the web indexing web sites. Some of them index web sites by title, others by address, some by words on a web page and some are so stylish they do it all. People can access the results of the indexing with programs like Robot-Manager and use the info it found to create a database of email addresses. So let's say you posted to a forum and used your email address, it'll be picked up by a bot, a bot-manager will scoop out your email addresss, et voila, your email address is now up for grabs. The programs for doing this aren't expensive so anyone can be a spammer at a rockbottom price. Boom, so there it is. Mr. PornLover4U now has your address and is sending lovely emails to you about Evil two-toned low-riding mannequin sex mouse traps.

minusbaby 4:36 PM

skankinpixy asks: this isnt quite a question but it is important. klive's trick also works for girls as well, only the opposite. on top of that, if you want to get colored hair after that all you do is type your password, accept, then click back. click boy then back to girl. if you go through the colors, they should be there. try a few times to get the one you like (works with shoes too). um, i guess i should ask a question as well. here it goes: Have you ever had any of those crazy japanese candies? and if yes, arent they AMAZING?

Oh man, Japanese candy is the BEST. Pocky and Kasugi gummies especially. Japanese soda is good too. <3

RedVelvet - 10:32 AM

OrangeDevil asks: That day in -->D@ BOMB<-- why were you kicking everyone saying it was a scam room because it isn't like the rest of the so called ''FrEE FuRnY RoOmS, but pushmyarm does give away free stuff and i got a job that pays 250 creds a week, did you just think it was a scam room by mistake?

I had been standing there forever, asking push to please talk to me about what was going on. Someone reported to me that he hacked the credit server. After 15 minutes of trying to get his attention, I cleared the room. That woke him up, and he left with me and explained the situation. After that, all was well. :)

RedVelvet - 10:30 AM


Feet asks: These are a couple of questions that come up a lot among my Hobba friends and they're tired of answering, so if you could enlighten folks Red I think we ALL would appreciate it. Ahem... Can Hobbas overturn bans? My habbo X was banned unfairly, can you tell me who banned them and why? What should I do about it INSTEAD of calling for help? Thanks :D

Hobbas can NOT overturn bans. Hobbas can NOT give your rights back. I can look up ban information, but I will only do it if there is good reason to, and I will not tell you who banned you.

Instead of flooding the call for help, you should email staff about the following:
-Your account was hacked.
-Your account was banned and you want back in.
-Someone scammed you and you have no proof.
-Someone is repeatedly trashing your room.

DO NOT use the call if someone has stolen your rights!! There is nothing we OR staff can do about it, and frankly, we don't care about your stupid rights in your bosses scam room.

RedVelvet - 3:25 PM

Raditz asks: by habboist I mean, Abuse your powers and use them to kick habbos when there asking to many questions, like the nazis and the jews (no affence to any1) are you?

No. I only kick when I have to. When I am surrounded by newbies who are asking the same question over and over and flooding me, I usually just point them to the GSC faq and leave.

RedVelvet - 3:21 PM

Here's how boys can get girl hair.

Much thanks to Klivester. This past Monday, I decided to try on the new red bunny hat thingie with the chin strap for rollercoaster rides without thinking about the consequences. I've had red pigtails for about a year, and although people told me about the new Habbo Update interface, I forgot about it. That was a pretty stupid thing to forget since I've created a few random Habbos since the change. Nonetheless, I switched to the red bunny hat thingie with the chin strap for rollercoaster rides and was subsequentlly horrified by the reality of never getting my trademark red pigtails back. I ran around rooms asking for help until last night; Klive figured out how to do it. So, if it wasn't for him, I'd still be wearing a red bunny hat thingie with the chin strap for rollercoaster rides.*weeps*

minusbaby 11:49 AM

ktisthecoolest asks: ur probably sick and tired of getting asked this but is the hair code gone forever? or is it just temporary and is there a differents code u can use right now? I try that one code that worked b4 but it just gives me natural shades of blonde and brown and orange. I guess i just really miss my red hair and if i'da known they were gonna discontinue the cheat i woulda kept my hair!! :*( please know i'm not like bitchin u out i'm just expressin my concern! ;) thanks!

Go into update, and choose the opposite sex, then click accept. Click back, then click on girl or boy (whichever you want to be) over and over again until your hairstyle comes up with the colors you want. Be patient, this can sometimes take a few minutes.

RedVelvet - 10:27 AM

OrangeDevil asks: Yes, it's true I got eletrocuted again today :( I was messin' around with the T.V. then I got a little shock and, like, it hurt. But that's not my question. I am famous for sending a question in everyday so I have to keep up my rule. How do you get a skirt if you're a boy ;)

Yea, great.
Anyway, the gender-bending trick is one that is privvy to old school Habbos (ones who've been part of the hotel for 3 years or less) and Habbos who hang out with old school Habbos. You'd have to ask one of them (but not me) and get on their nerves until they ignore you for x amount of years. Or, you can be nice and wait for someone to tell you. I am a closet fatalist and proud of it. Good luck and may the farse be with you. Oh, and quit telling us about your problems with static. Either take your socks off or wear wet clothing.

minusbaby 10:27 AM

DiabloHPD asks: Do any of you take furni for the poor? if so could i please don8 :) IM VERRYKIND :)

I have a room called RedV's Donation Center where you can leave junk furniture. I use it in my races, and I also gather it up and wander the hotel, passing it out to people.

RedVelvet - 10:19 AM

OrangeDevil asks: Heyo guys, first of all how are you three, i have over come my shock from the toaster now and i am on the mend to recovery!! Why exactly is a digi tv 6 credits when the manager **** said she had lowered all of the furny down to less then 6, come on is a pura fridge or tv worth 5-6 creds! or something! And also can you ask bortwien why has has fallen out with me like i asked him for my banners then he goes into a major stress........:| hes been drinking to much cheap coffee eh red v? Also does kal still come on habbo or does he has a new user because i don't see him as much as i did around the hotel, when will they be recruiting more hobbas! Well i beter go its like 1am or something and i am shattered '' dead tired'' so i'll leave you to clip your toe nails or die your hair or what ever you american girls do :p night night redvelvet
v x x x x x...... -orangedevil

The TV and Fridge used to cost 10 credits each, along with the tub and fireplaces. The new prices are still a bit high, but better. Bort is out of work, and has no time to make banners for anyone. He tried to give your payment back, but you're being a hardass about it. Once he finds a job, he will probably start making banners again. kal still comes on, he was around last night I think. I don't know when they will be recruiting new hobbas.

RedVelvet - 10:18 AM


mikrosopht asks : as i understand it, the word bobba is used specifically to censor explicit content in the habooboo arena. therefore what exactly are you trying to say by posting large bobba .gifs under your names? are you cursing the online community or simply embracing free speech?

That was my idea, I bastardized the Habbo logo to make it say, "bobba," the word used to censor words Habbo Ltd. find offensive. I, like most of the habbos with a sound, independant (relative to common sense and decent judgement) mind, am opposed to the filter only because words are only made naughty by intention. Don't get me wrong, I don't think 8 years olds should be seeing curses on the regular but if I unchecked the "Bobba Filter" box in room options, I am expecting to see "naughty" words in my rooms, the rooms I made for friends to hang out in, the rooms I spent money on. Anyone can get to a photo of boobs in 7 clicks or less meanwhile I can't say "ass" in a room I spent my own cash on. Okay, I'm off on a tangent. Here comes the point. There are tons of online anarchists out there, people who are foul-mouthed and carry no responsibility for their actions while on the Net. This is a group of people I wish would get hit by 12 strains of the Code Red virus. Why? Because they are the ones who drain the Internet of it's creativity. They turn an online exhibit of Alfred Stieglitz's (
X) nude studies of Georgia O'Keeffe (X) into general porn and aren't shy about letting their warped views be known to a nameless, faceless forum created by a dramatically lonely, two-finger typing, low-life of a Netizen who's idea of html involves IMG SRC tags and default text. Am I an elitist? Sometimes. But I have my reasons - and they don't sound like Ozzy Ozbourne lyrics. So this brings me to why I jumped into censorship issues in the first place. If I was to say, "I placed the word 'bobba' at the end of posts as an act of closure, a sigh of relief free of any true linguistic meaning. It's a nonsense word that sums everything up and expresses what some would call inappropriate," the online anarchist would read that as, "yea right you fuckin pervert, you just want to fuck the shit out of every habbo, eat shit and die you loser. bobba bbba bobba free funri, credz bobba bobba." We've all seen this. So, I'll take the quiet route and say "it means whatever you want it to mean." I'm comfortable with that explanation and you're either pissed off and think I'm a loser, satisfied with my reasoning, unsatisfied because my writing is cold and robotic, you don't care, you never cared in the first place and/or something else I can't think of right now. So there it is. Art (X).

minusbaby 6:51 PM

Raditz asks: The reason most habbos are now making mafias, is because habbos getting a littel to nice and goody, I mean I cant even say ass anymore! come on!!! some of them just want to bring some of the bad stuff back into habbo, I mean, if it wasn't for mafias there would be habbos walking around in bunny outfits, oh wait, there already is, and I didnt make one of my questions clear on my last entry, are you habboist like kal, and shouldn't his site be called "Ask An Ex Hobba"?

Well, I am 100% against the bobba filter in private rooms. I don't tell people to watch their mouths unless they're getting sexually graphic. Being a badass is fine, but tricking, harassing, and scamming kids is NOT and most mafias are out there to mess with people. I have no problems with people playing pretend gangster, but when they start charging for jobs and asking for passwords, that's when things go downhill. Habboist? I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that.. if its thinking I'm better than everyone because I'm a hobba, no.. I'm pretty humble and have little use for my badge anymore as it is. kal can name his site whatever he wants because it's his site. :P

RedVelvet - 6:14 PM

Mordant.soul asks: This is a two part question:

Q: Do you think that Operation Anaconda was a success?
A: Yea, Ice Cube did a pretty good job in that movie.

Q: And If YOU were the Commander In Chief who would you say was your favortie member of O-Town?
A: If I was George W. Bush my favorite member of O-Town would be Stevie Wonder.

minusbaby 4:39 PM


OrangeDevil shares with us: Once i was unscrewing the toaster, because it was broken they said it would cost me like 12 quid to get it repaired and like i only paid a tenner for it,,, so i was like fuck that i'll do it my self, so i got a screw driver and didnt relize it was on zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lol i got electricuted....sweet dude it was kinda fun i flew like half a mile before coming through the window :p

That's supposed to be a question?

RedVelvet - 5:52 PM

OrangeDevil asks: errmmm..... Kal i think it's really outta order why you got your rites taking away about being a moderator, i think you done an excellant job, and why was it about hobbaforumsucks exactly that site had nothing to do with habbo, the domain was registered by u so they should keep theres mouths shut!!

I thank you for your support. While Habbo Hotel is by far out of my interests, I still feel that I was wronged by the administration when they removed my badge and booted me from the hobba team. My Hobbaforumsucks website (still up to this day: actually did have a lot to do with Habbo, but that shouldn't matter because it was my money that put it on the internet. I believe the real reason I was removed is because the Habbo administration became afraid. Their forum admin was being told where to stick it by one of their seniority hobbas, and they felt that they would rather get rid of kal, the high-class hobba who actually spent time on the hotel daily and modeled the responsibilities of a true
hobba, that to lose Spanker, the greedy forum administrator who couldn't get on Habbo because it was always "broken." However, his PHP and ass-kissing skills paid off in the long run, because I was removed from
the hobba team, just in time for Habbo to make their biggest mistake: issuing contracts. Once again I thank you for your support and hope that this little paragraph explains to you the monarchy that was being run
by Anne, the coward who left because Habbo just became "too much for her," and Spanker, the village idiot who sat so close to the throne. -kal

(posted by RV, kal can't get on blogger)

RedVelvet - 5:50 PM

Raditz asks: Ok I have a few things to ask, 1st, how come people are asking you about things outside habbo, I mean, Its ask a hobba not ask jerry springer, mind you, he'd probley turn things around from nipples to sleeping wid your ginni pig or something wierd, anyways, another question is, What do hobbas think about mafias? I own a popular mafia my self the Royal Yakuza, We have met in ISLTEofBOB a few times, but u seemed to ignore me so I have been wondering, was it because I'm in a mafia or because your one of those hobbas who really abuse there hobba powers and ignore all and are habbist like Kal? thanx

Well, people can ask what they want here, I don't care much, unless it is insulting, too personal, or something I cannot answer because of the contract I signed with habbo. Some of these questions are a bit silly though. :P Mafias, I don't like them. I don't discriminate against people that are in them/run them/etc. I am tired of answering calls in mafia rooms just to be yelled at and harassed by the anti-hobba owners. I think the whole concept is silly, and most of them are out to scam and mess around. As for ignoring you that day, Bob's room always has a million people in it, and I was there on a call.. so I wasn't paying much attention. :)

RedVelvet - 5:47 PM

Dragon_Ash asks: Why do my nipples explode with delight, and how can I remove the eels from my hovercraft?

Well well well, now what do we have here, another case of slippery fish in the machinery. Here's a tip, eels are attracted to nipples, male or female, and will try their darnedest to get even the most miniscule amount of satisfaction out of touching them. I recommend you take a trip to Australiasia, the best spots being either Adelaide, Australia or Aotearoa, New Zealand, and do the following:

1) Meet a mean midget, they are close to the ground and know how to kick things very far.

2) Meet another midget, give him or her a kick, see what they say.

3) Call you best friend collect and tell him or her you know how to kick well. This is optional.

Okay, now you are an expert kicker. Now, get on a hovercraft, wait for an eel...


minusbaby 9:33 AM

::ClubKidJ:: asks: Whoa if OrangeDevil has been on habbo for 3 years wouldn't that make him a Finnish webmaster millionaire? Why would a guy like that want to be a measly hobba? What a n00b!

I don't think they'd even thought of habbo 3 years ago. :P

RedVelvet - 8:42 AM

OrangeDevil asks: Ok....... i LOL 3 years... intresting joke yeah i probably bene going on it more then 3 months though since i started with me famous dino_66........... also do u watch buffy the vampire slyer

Nope, I only watch cartoons.

RedVelvet - 8:41 AM


OrangeDevil asks: By proser i ment prostertute.......LOL, also why dont i see many hobbas in training with silver badges no more?

Oh. I don't think he dresses like that. :P We have no newbie hobbas right now, but there is a huge batch coming up VERY soon.

RedVelvet - 7:20 PM

OrangeDevil asks: do you think i got what it takes to become a hobba i been on it for 3 years but still HAVENT BEEN ACCPETED ARRRGGGGGGG!! SCREW HABBO I SAY

You've been on habbo since before it was created? Wow, that's quite impressive. I looked up your user number, you are 1,315,255 so I would guess that you've been around 3 months max. I don't know you well enough to tell you if you have what it takes to be a hobba. Keep trying though, habbo should begin recruiting soon. :)

RedVelvet - 7:18 PM

Asskicka asks: My sister wants to know if she can kiss Minusbaby

Sure. :)

RedVelvet - 7:14 PM

I_BLINK_182 asks: when your whole computer gets banned because of brothers does it affect your chance of becoming a hobba too?

No, the ban covers your whole computer, but is only recorded under the name of the person who was banned.

RedVelvet - 3:09 PM

pudding-thief asks: I have recently come across a skirt on my male appearance. Unfortunately, I can't remember how I executed this. Is there some way Habbo can check how I did this? As I would really like to know. Thanks <3

Habbo staff doesn't usually answer questions like this. :P Dragon_Ash said that his skirt just came up one day while doing the hair color cheat. I think it's just a random thing now..

RedVelvet - 3:07 PM

Someone asks: Why is There So much Powers For Hobbas Lately?

Powers? I'm not sure what you mean exactly. We have the power to alert, kick and ban, along with a new mute tool which silences a user for a few minutes. Some hobbas who have been around the longest have rights in all rooms. This does NOT mean we can pick things up! All we can do is move things and delete stickies. This is only used when shutting down a scam or cyber room.

RedVelvet - 3:05 PM

.Mick. asks: If a hot girl has penis should i sleep with her? If yes, will you sleep with me RedVelvet? Also I went to the Cirque du Soleil And enjoyed it alot. Does this make me a Gay and if so where should i shop from now on?

Are you asking about hermaphrodites or transvestites? There's a huge difference there. If she's hot, and you enjoy her company, then do it. Use lots of thick lube and take it slow. See minusbaby's response to OD regarding kissing me, then reconsider sleeping with me. Cirque du Soleil, eh? That doesn't make you gay, but sleeping with women with penises might. Shop at the Gap, because that's where orcka works and I loe her (even though the gap itself can suck my ass).

RedVelvet - 7:53 AM

Mordant.soul asks: Why does it burn when i urinate? And what colour are minusbaby' pubes?

His pubes? Why? Do you not know who that was humping you in the dark that night? That would explain the burning, you've come down with the clap! Don't go blaming my aunt or your uncle this time either, it was your own carelessness that got you into that situation.

RedVelvet - 7:47 AM

PsychoLlama says: This is in response to OrangeDevil's question about GB4U: Orange, GB looks like that cuz he is gay. Hence GB= Gay Boy. And he's MY gay hobba. so stay away from him! :P

RedVelvet - 7:42 AM


OrangeDevil asks:COOL............... so i am allowed to give u an imaginary kiss.......... MUWAH!! also why does GB4U go for the proser look cause i dont think guys go for that

Proser? Is this another British thing? I don't know GB well, so I can't tell ya. :)

RedVelvet - 3:59 PM

PsychoLlama asks: have u ever drank nacho cheese from the jar? i did that once... and i barfed... it looked kinda pretty though... uh oh. im getting a tummy ache just thinking about it... buh bye.

Nope, but I ate a pound of raw carrots in one sitting once. I had horrible stomach cramps for an hour after that. :(

RedVelvet - 11:40 AM


RedVelvet - 7:03 AM

In a previous post, OrangeDevil asked:
"...xxxxxxx can i give you a kiss :)"

and RedVelvet answered:
"To kiss me, you gotta talk to minusbaby. :D"

Okay, so here's my response to that issue. I am not jealous of vividly colored avatars and nor will I ever be. So if your intention is to give Didi a fantastic imaginary Habbo kiss, I say sure, why not. However, if your intention is to meet Didi in person, approach her and then kiss her with your own true-to-life lips, that's another story. I am a fair person, a relatively positive person and on most accounts an approachable maven on this Big Blue Marble we call home. Conversely, Didi is a ruthless, toothless, lice-ridden, 7 foot tall, 482 pound car wreck of a woman.
The decision is all your's.

minusbaby 7:00 AM

insanedevil asks: where in the US do you live?

Masterchewshits, right outside of Boston. minusbaby is in New York City, and kal is in Oklahoma.

RedVelvet - 6:51 AM

NINE asks: not much of a question but whatever... plug the best "forgotten" room on habbo. private rooms have been around awhile and im sure that there are some reall awesome rooms from habbos long gone. can u give us a new place to chill?

Search fusebox, and then head to boozefox. It's a great room made by alienoreo's alter ego. Also check out Kinky's Slaughtershack sometime, (it's closed right now and Kinky is spending some time in someone elses room till this hacker mess blows over) it was my first room and is rarely visited anymore. Eos' Seratonin Special also comes to mind, it's great for large gatherings.

RedVelvet - 6:50 AM

NINE asks: how many times should one apply for hobba before saying 'ah fuck it' and give up? its not so much the badge or any of that shit as much as i really love the place u kno? been there for ages and i see it going down. i hate that with a vengance. id rather leave than see it demolish itself. grr.

Habbo is slow. They are swamped with applications, so don't give up yet.. that kinda goes along with KoRn's question. You're both old school. IMO you guys should be advanced before these newbies that no one has heard of. People already know and trust you, and you both know the score when it comes to hobbas. Give them another month to get their shit together. :)

RedVelvet - 6:46 AM

OrangeDevil asks: EEEEEEEEEEwwwwwwwwwww, Jelly on toast, ''do u mean like wobberly jelly or just like jam, because i heard u call jam strange!! Also did u use fash to get your writting to move on the front page, i never got that kiss ;)

Well, I don't do jelly much anyway, usually its just a bit of butter on my toast. What's wobberly mean? Jam is good, I like strawberry. I kicked minus in the ass to answer your question. ;) <3

RedVelvet - 6:42 AM


klivester asks: OMG! You've never had beans on toast! What sort of country do you live in!?!?! Also, I'd like to add, more of a statement rather than a question, that this 'hacker' person really scares me because his e-mail address is XD.

I live in America, where we put butter and jelly on toast, not beans. Eh.. Orange said his sister sent that email, but I dunno. Whatever.

RedVelvet - 7:54 PM

HABBO_BACKUP asks: I like cheese, i like it alot :D

I do too, but that's not a question! :P

RedVelvet - 12:51 PM

insanedevil asks: wanna party at my place? my alien friends are joining too :)

Only if there will be food, I'm starving!

RedVelvet - 12:50 PM

OrangeDevil asks: Why is the hobba test so hard to pass i have been banned once on habbo is that why i have never been accepted :(

I'm not sure exactly what it searches for when it runs your background check, but bans do effect it. Maybe it will give you another chance after some time has passed?

RedVelvet - 11:22 AM

A Hacker ( asks: Listen shut up bitch i am a hacker and i'm gonna hack your ass u daft cow, lock your rooms up guys cause your going down you piece of scum

I'm already well aware of your threats. As a hacker, you'd realize that your true email address would be exposed by using my form. Therefore, I've come to the conclusion that you are not very smart and you are not a hacker. Have a great day!

RedVelvet - 9:52 AM

OrangeDevil asks One last thing:............ How are you today stay off the cheap coffee ;)

I am alright. I made the most perfect looking omelette I've ever seen. I only drink expensive coffee, and I grind my own beans. :D

RedVelvet - 9:42 AM

OrangeDevil asks: Would i be able to change my skin to orange for 2 wee seconds so i could take a screenie then i would be orange devil :)

I don't think orange is one of the color choices. I don't condone hacking at all, but if you DO try it, do it in your own locked room and change back when you're done. If a hobba sees you, you're banned for life.

RedVelvet - 9:40 AM

OrangeDevil asks: Do you like having beans with your toast?

Is that a British thing? I've never had beans with my toast. :P

RedVelvet - 9:39 AM

insanedevil asks: 'ermmm... how are you? :S

I'm ok, kinda stunned since I just woke up. I really shouldn't answer these first thing in the am, I'd be funnier if I gave myself time to wake up. heh

RedVelvet - 7:00 AM

OrangeDevil asks: Do you think this is a dum idea red Velvet: I emailed habbo like a week ago saying they should have hobba helpers......why u ask, all those 14 to 15 year olds out there want to give a hand so why not event hobba helpers were hobbas can rucruit people who think they can handle the job andyz seems to think its a good idea :P get back to me!! Also why does it take so long for habbo to reply you xxxxxxx can i give you a kiss :)

Habbo is quite understaffed at the moment. A Jr. hobba idea was thrown around a few months ago, but there is not nearly enough manpower (or womanpower) to put in into play. The programmers are working on new hobba tools so we can help you faster and better, and patches for the programs that modify habbo apperance. As for them answering their mail, they barely answer mine either, again, its part of being understaffed I suppose. You gotta keep in mind how many registered habbos there are (over a million!) and how many emails those poor people must get. To kiss me, you gotta talk to minusbaby. :D

RedVelvet - 6:57 AM

Lilabit asks: can you help me find my left shoe?

Have you looked under the bed? What about in the kitchen, under the sink? Mine ended up there once. *shrug*

RedVelvet - 6:51 AM


giss asks: would you like fries with that ?

Yeah, fries rock. Cheese fries! mmmmm...

RedVelvet - 3:39 AM

moombi asks: Dont you wish you could get a little piece of cheese out of the fridges? just a thought!

Oh yeah, I wish we could eat that watermelon, too. :)

RedVelvet - 3:37 AM


KoRnKat asks: Just been Reading through the questions and I see the Problem that there Are far too Many Habbo Scumbags and Not enough Hobba's! :( Ive been Trying now for, *counts on fingers*...8 months to become a Hobba and still no luck. I think Habbo Management should wake up and recruit some more Hobbas who have been in the Hotel Since The Bible was wrote, who Have desperatly been trying to become hobbas!!! Even if they only manage to Recruit two, Thats still a few more Scammer's A**es busted!! What are your Opinions on Hobba Recruitment and what would you Like to see in the future to Make it better?

Hobba recruitment is a joke right now. Thanks to the legal contracts habbo had us sign, we lost over half the team and now have to wait a month or more before we can recruit others, because the contract has to be mailed and returned, then processed before they can get a badge. The contract is essential I suppose, to keep habbos ass legally covered. To make the process better and faster, they need to either have a printable online contract or more staff to process them. As for old schoolers who need badges, I could name them all day. I don't think staff wants us reccommending people for hobba status anymore though, because their application on the site does a background check and such. *shrug*

RedVelvet - 4:26 AM

ClubKidJ asks: can I come too?

Sure! Bring some carrots. Party at my place. :D

RedVelvet - 1:08 AM

RubberRing asks: Can I sleepover? (and not on habbo, in real life).

Yes! Come on over!

RubberRing also asks: If yes, can I bring my fiance? He wants to sleepover too.

Of course you can. Can I sleep in the middle? :D

RedVelvet - 1:08 AM


NINE asks: if u were an animal what would u be and why?

I would be a snake. Snakes are graceful and smart, and they make eating serious. Plus having everyone run in fear over you is pretty cool.

RedVelvet - 7:56 PM


Anon asks: Why r u a hobba? U don't seem to like it.

Heh.. I used to love being a hobba. I don't work or go to school, so doing it was like a job to me. I've been on habbo for over a year now, and have watched it deteriorate: mobs and scammers and cybersex and scumbag are everywhere. I took on a mission to deal with one part in particular: the scammers. I ban every scammer I can find without warning. You're stealing MONEY, not furni. We pay for those credits. YOU ARE COMMITTING FRAUD WHEN YOU SCAM. *ahem* So anyway, when over half the hobba team left, we were swamped with 100's of calls a day abusing us for not being fast enough, or not coming at all. I do what I can to help, but it's having no effect. Habbos and staff alike don't seem to appreciate what the hobbas do... and ALL of the hobbas do what they do for FREE. We don't get paychecks or credits or furniture or anything, shit, we hardly ever get a thank you. But I keep trying, because I remember the days I'd spend on habbo where it was fun, the people were great, and no one offered me jobs and scam sites. I hope that somehow I can make a difference. *shrug*

RedVelvet - 8:50 PM

Vandalized asks: Can I borrow your name and password for a little while?

Hahahahahahahhahahaha! *ahem* No.

RedVelvet - 6:45 PM

Vandalized asks: Are you a wanna be Kal?

No, I am simply helping take the load off of his email server. He also has an account here, and hopefully will be answering the backed up questions he has soon.

RedVelvet - 7:08 AM

Vandalized asks: Can I be your best customer of asking questions on this Ask A Hobba?

You already are, my dear.

RedVelvet - 7:06 AM


Vandalized asks: Can I have free furni?

There are quite a few free furni rooms on habbo, and 99% of them are scams, or just say free furni to draw crowds. Make friends with rich people, but stay outta those free furni rooms unless you want to be kicked when the hobbas come in to close it down. A good way to earn furni is by racing. Try that. :)

RedVelvet - 11:42 PM

Vandalized asks: Can I bobba u?

Considering bobba means hundreds of words, I'm not sure. Can you wagner me? Can you wank me? Can you pack me? :P

RedVelvet - 11:37 PM

wessley asks: Why am I doing this?

Because I needed someone to test the form out. *pat*pat*

RedVelvet - 10:28 PM