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Yes, I'm still alive. I should be back full time in a week or so. I miss you kids. You know who you are. :*

RedVelvet - 6:00 PM


I am in the process of moving to a new apartment, no updates to any of my sites for a few days, at least till I get cable in the new place.

RedVelvet - 11:50 PM


I was talking to 13 and realized how much Habbo recently reminds me of my high school years. I hung out with all guys. The trendy kids called us the dork pack. I was transferred in from another county that was um.. much more urbanized than where we had moved. There was a kid that drove a tractor to school.. anyway, I got there, and suddenly I was the coolest thing in the world because I wasn't a local. People in the south are dreadfully boring. I picked a few 9th graders that had a lot of potential and started hanging out with them. All my friends were younger than I, virgins, considered nerds, dorks, geeks, or just weird, and were the best the area had to offer. :D I loved them all to death, and dated most of them during that 2 year span. I got the nickname virgin slayer. heh.

Anyway, how does this relate to habbo? My little squad of friends is all younger than me, male, and dorky or weird or outcast in their own way. I am attracted to most of them (sorry Nad, you're 13. :P), and sought them out because they are the best in the hotel. I trust you guys immensly, kal, 13, NINE, Sodom, and OneNad. You're about the only people I talk to on a regular basis anymore. My habbo dork pack. :D

RedVelvet - 6:16 AM


Last night was the best night on habbo that I can remember. kal, Jeff, Sodom, and I hung out on .ch discussing the future of 138 and goofing off. After Sod left, we infiltrated a mafia and messed with them a bit, then kal and I headed for our assignments in the .com public rooms. We spent hours goofing off together, saw each others boobs, and helped a few newbies with deep, personal issues. Adam, you are the best. :D

RedVelvet - 6:07 PM


I.. almost want my badge back.

I don't think they'd take me back though. I left angrily, but not rude or anything. I am so sick of watching the current hobbas fuck things up.

I've been on .ch a lot this week, working on a little side project that a few of you have heard of. You will hear more about it as we grow. :D

RedVelvet - 6:17 PM


So there I was, in a room full of hackers, in my hacked habbo, dancing and acting stupid. There are already 2 hobbas in the room who know who I am. In comes another hobba who also knows who I am. She bans ME but leaves the rest of the hackers. What in blue fuck is that shit about?

Fine. MH is bad. Great! Ban all hacked habbos then. Don't single me out because you have a problem with me. It's called being two faced.

RedVelvet - 7:17 AM


I don't have much to say recently.. I've become addicted to habbo once again, which is NOT cool. No, it's not. Seriously. I need a life.

RedVelvet - 3:49 AM


RedVelvet's Guide for New Hobbas

1. DO NOT BAN FIRST! Make sure you at least kick the person and alert them to what they are doing. The Handbook says alert/kick/ban, but when you kick, whatever message you string along to that kick shows up as an alert.

2. DO NOT BAN BECAUSE SOMEONE IS TALKING ABOUT HACKING! Ban them if you see them hacking in a destructive way, or if you see them selling hacked habbos. Talking about it isn't a crime. Banning people for goofing off with no arms or colored skin is a waste of your time, because they just come right back.

3. YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL! Anyone can make hobba if they try hard enough. Don't get a big head. Help the newbies out. Don't kick someone just for being curious. Your friends aren't special either. Don't ban one guy for doing the same thing your friend is doing. It's called being two faced and it's uncalled for.

4. DON'T LET THEM GET TO YOU! People are gonna hound you with your badge on or off. People are gonna ask for favors and cheats and credits. People are going to insult you for sitting and chatting with your friends instead of being on call. If it gets out of hand and no one will leave you alone, make an alternate habbo and tell your friends it's you.

5. LOVE THE HOTEL! Love the stupid newbies and their stupid questions. Love the shitty additions to the catalog. You have to maintain that love for habbo if you want to be a good hobba. After all, if you don't care the place, why is it worth protecting? Make sure you're still having fun there.

There are some new hobbas who desperately need to read this. Make sure you tell them to.

RedVelvet - 1:24 PM


I've had a pretty good run on habbo as RedV. I got up with a lot of old schoolers last night.. kal, andyj2k, and turbobug.. talking about the old days makes me realize how much my site and my actions inspired certain changes in the hotel. I started trading. I had the first trade room.. and nothing was safe back then. If you dropped something on someones head, it went straight to their hand. Scammers became abundant, and people were getting paranoid. I created the black and whitelists for traders. Black lists were for known scammers, white lists were for honest, fair traders. It was a good system, and made me really proud that I was a trusted habbo before I was even a hobba...

Check out the stickies in T U R B O T R A D E S for a blast from the past. Ah.. the memories...

RedVelvet - 7:06 PM


Have I ever mentioned that I hate confrontations? Even online ones.. I don't like to fight. Why the fuck did I ever become a hobba in the first place? Fighting was all I ever did. Sometimes I had to fight people who I thought were my friends. Sometimes I fought the people who chose me to look over their hotel. Most of the time I was fighting scammers, though. I took being a hobba much more serious than most. Searching for bad guys to bust would engulf me for hours at a time, and I would neglect my friends on and offline to dedicate my time to being a good hobba.

I am a sucker. What can I say? The fucked up thing is that I'm still fighting, even though I'm "dead". I've found that a lot of the new hobbas are corrupt pieces of shit. I can't do anything about this though, because I seriously doubt staff cares what *I* think. There's one hobba in particular who has turned to a group of scumbags for friendship, and I fear is under their influence. This hobba has been harassing my friends. Didi does not approve.

I don't believe in regret. I don't regret handing in my badge. I was upset that I got no goodbye/thanks/fuck you or anything from habbo though. I was a hobba for a little over a year and what do I have to show for it now? Some 13 year olds who want to kill me for banning their awesome armless blue guy, a bitchy reputation, and this chip on my shoulder. I still feel like a hobba. I still have influence over a lot of people in the hotel but I don't have the power to stop the shitty things that I keep seeing.

Eventually I will find something else to waste my time on.

RedVelvet - 3:02 PM


This is a bit late, but she just reponded... an Ask a Hobba question from guest star lilduckie:

kevirino asks: What do you do if you fall in love with someone online? Opposite sex of course.

My opinion of falling in love with someone online is basically if it happens, it happens! I personally think if someone actually has a relationship online and take it to try it out in the real world and everything works out, well good for them. But why the hell are u asking me anyways....make up your own decision!

RedVelvet - 11:02 PM

Ok yeah, I know having 2 of my own rooms in the top 10 is gay, but there's not a lot to choose from over there.

I'm tired of answering the same questions over and over again on .com. I *hate* having to go over there. There is never anyone on .ch though, and I get on habbo to try to recruit for the other site and get hounded with the same questions over and over again. Lets answer some of those.

"y u give ur badge up???"

Well, you half-brained fuckstick, Habbo is dying a slow death. I imagine the end will be when Sims Online comes out. It's gonna have a monthly fee, but most of us HONEST habbos easily pay $9 a month in credits ANYWAY. Plus the servers will be more reliable, hopefully the staff won't suck ass, and things will be happy and carefree. *skips through the roses*

"staff sux ass???"

Yes, the staff mistreated their best, most dedicated hobbas and are too fucking dense to realize that they did it. That's all I have to say about that at this time.

"ok so wot does death of a hobba meen??"

The idea was to create a final resting place for RedVelvet. People seem to think I'm REALLY dead though. People are stupid.

"y u sell yr name???"

I sold my name because I didn't want to be tempted to use it. I lost the things that were most dear to me under that name, and I wanted to start over. I still go by RedV on .ch though.

I hope that clears some things up for the n00bs.

RedVelvet - 7:31 AM


Yahoo mail sucks the sweat off a dead mans balls. It works MAYBE 40% of the time. From now on, send all submissions for the site to Updated today, the top 10 rooms. I could only find 9 before I got bored and gave up.

RedVelvet - 9:50 PM


Oh yeah, you can still ask me questions (not ask a hobba type shit, you can ask me personal questions, site questions, whatever) if you want. (X)

RedVelvet - 9:43 PM

I really don't know where to begin here..

Once I shut down all of the areas of my site, I was bombarded with email pleas, asking for me to return. I didn't realize visiting my site was part of some peoples daily internet routine. Shit, I didn't think anyone cared what I had to say. The thing about hate mail is that one or two letters can overshadow a whole pile of fan mail. Now I know that there are a few habbos, bobbas, and hobbas out there who really do care. I thank you. :)

Lets clear up a few things first:

Yes, I sold the name RedVelvet to someone named TC who got it from kal's habbo auction. No, I was not scammed/hacked. No, I am (obviously) not dead. No, my hobba badge did NOT come with the name, I retired it a few weeks before I sold the name.

It's funny how quickly these stupid rumors can pop up. The dead one surprised me the most though. My room "Death of a Hobba" must have attracted a lot of attention the other night. The title reflects my mood towards the whole hobba society. There are only a few good ones left. All of the old ones are gone. Habbo is a sinking ship, and I am going to get on the first lifeboat. I have no love for that place anymore. I've spent the last 3 days lurking about with kal and friends in "jam", and the whole vibe of the hotel depresses me now. I stay on .ch a lot as well, but there is rarely anyone there that I know. *shrug* Things will pick up over there, I suppose.

RedVelvet - 9:41 PM


I'm thinking of turning this blog into my habbo journal of sorts. Would anyone be interested in hearing the rants, complaints, and ideas of a former hobba?

RedVelvet - 7:34 PM