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CheateN says: 4ll j00r 8453 4r3 83l0n6 70 h4880

411 `/0u|2 p|-|u|2|\|1 4|23 8310|\|6 70 |\|008z

minusbaby 8:44 PM

Becgirl asks: I'm really sorry that you've left and I didn't know that there was a its really weird they have little squisshy squares to sit on :) anyway the hotel wont be the same without u

There's (Swiss) and Kultakala (Finnish). I am at both, but there are more English speakers at ch. I think the big plan was to make a Habbo for all major countries. :)

RedVelvet - 9:35 AM

BaconBoy! asks: do you need to be recomended to be a hobba and do they check if you have broken the habbo way in the first stage, if so do they check again cause i just want to know how they check?

Yeah, first stage checks your birthdate that you put in and your history at the hotel. If you make it further, sometimes the senior hobbas will do their own background checks just to make sure nothing shady like scamming slipped by the first time.
RedVelvet - 9:32 AM

Hawu says: Erm, about those Junior Hobba's, if habbo makes them, I will personally swarm over to their little office and slap all their asses with a wet towel. That is such a moronic idea, 10yr old's are not responsible enough to hold a position as a moderator! Sheesh, what will they think of next? Jr Habbo Staff? Erm, see sonicmouse, how the devil does he walk through furniture? I heard he made his own client or something, is this true? Oh and the newsletter for habbo, my next question. Where has all the decent stuff from the old newsletters of good time's passed gone? Now it is just advertising competition's and letting little newbie's get their 15 minute's of fame with that name dropper, While this may make the simplest mind's amused, I NEED MORE! Habbo just isn't providing enough for this mind of mine, help, please!

Sonic does use his own client and he does not share. I don't think he'll be around much longer, though. As for the newsletter, I don't really know what they're thinking with that. One kid got his story in there that was a fucking WORD FOR WORD copy of something I wrote in my scamming FAQ. Pissed me off to no end, and I almost banned the fucker. :l But that's besides the point, yeah, they need to get back on track with that and provide some relevant information.
RedVelvet - 9:30 AM

Shalene asks: hi redvelvet why have you left habbo? your service as a hobba will be greatly missed and habbo hotel is just gonna get even more rowdier and crappy now ur gone, oh and r u leavin ur habbo site up still?

For legal reasons, I cannot get in detail about why I am leaving. I'd love to, but I am bound by the habbo contract. A lot of the senior hobbas quit together, showing habbo staff that we were a team, and always would be a team, no matter what they threw at us. My site will stay as long as it's still needed/wanted. Thanks for your kind words. :)
RedVelvet - 9:26 AM

DMMojo asks: Hey ive got a question...(DUH) neways why do so many ppl think that there are actually any habbo cheats except for some alt tabbing and stuff like :) or :o but thats besides the point is there really any "CHEAT" codes im not asking for them i just want to know if its possible (not for motivation)! thnx

Kids. Kids are dumb. They think that anything that they don't understand is a cheat, hair bugs, stacking, whatever. There are no codes that you can type in to get credits or new faces, etc. There are no real cheats, only a few bugs you can use to your advantage to make your habbo more personal. I've already deleted 8 emails this morning asking for cheats/how to hack/and the bugs. :/
RedVelvet - 9:23 AM

CheateN asks: Why is Kal so cute? ;-)

kal told me to answer this. :P I think it's the purple hair. He'd agree with me.
RedVelvet - 9:20 AM

Sod asks: GAH, where are my pants?!

On your ass.

RedVelvet - 9:19 AM

Sk8ah asks: why are you closing down the site?

I'm not, I closed down most of it. I knew that if I closed it all, people would be upset. I have a habbo fan site, and most of the sections were hard to keep up, because I am no longer a fan of habbo. I don't have the devotion to the site anymore, therefore, I have little to no drive to update. :/ You might say, they broke my heart.

RedVelvet - 9:18 AM

The Chosen One asks: can you still become a Hobba on even if english is the only language you know?

No, .ch only takes Swiss hobbas. I plan on mailing them about that policy sometime, but I doubt they will change, because most of the hobbas there only speak a little english and I'd need to speak German to do the job well.

RedVelvet - 9:15 AM

Electrode34 asks: Why are Memory Hackers banned for life? Does it affect habbo in a way it could perminately damage it?

I don't think they are hurting much, they are just annoying. I'm not really sure though, since staff and the tech team have been fairly tight lipped about the whole thing.

RedVelvet - 9:13 AM

Electrode34 asks: How do u stack TV's on top of TV's and porters on top of porters? I really wanna know :)


minusbaby 8:13 AM


SW_OUTLAW asks: Yo, i need to get something off my chest...I HATE ORANGEDEVIL :) OH AND -MINIROADSTER- OH AND DR.SP1KE...I wanna kill them :) what shall i do? Visit a psychopath person? Oh and all thse newbie hobbas r fucking shit, they cant do shit and wont do shit, they think they r untouchable, it pisses me off, i also want 2 kill a few of them :)

Lately, Ask a Hobba has been serving two, if not more, purposes. One, an information relay between Red, Kal, myself and you guys, our readers and participants. It also serves as a ranting space. Whenever a rant comes my way, I usually think "Right on" and this is no exception. Hey, SW? Right on. Now on with the actual question. I don't think you need to visit a psychiatrist or a psycologyst. Maybe you should start your own Blog (
X) or Livejournal (X) account and use that to express your gripes. And as for the newbie Hobbas, give them a break. It's a demanding job and sometimes they just don't have the resources to please everyone, especially at the beginning. Ever have a job that requires you to lift 400 pound fireplaces all day in between running back and forth, up and down two flights of stairs for supplies in 100 degree weather? I have, and once the day is through, all I wanted to do was relax and do my own thing. Hobbas like to hang out while off duty, just like everyone else.

minusbaby 3:26 PM

Crass says: "Love a deluxe, you won't catch me in no tux." - Trugoy

Funny funny
Light on the face 'cause the focus is the fickle 'stead of fusin' I'ma use it to the utilize the trickle / Caught the rush / But I played hush / While Andres Titus is the grabbin' / As a fan will put the hearts to mush / Lush Dalea I would hear the public beat / The same way for Titus when he blacked the sheep / But as the knee went deep / To deeper off the charts / The album faded to black / That's when the amnesia starts...

" - Posdnous

minusbaby 3:11 PM

If you haven't heard already, I have retired my badge and left I can be found under the same name at, and I will try to answer questions about ch for people if they have them. No, I am not changing the name of this page, minusbaby is a new hobba as soon as he sends his contract in.

RedVelvet - 1:57 AM

RubberRing asks: Does anyone out there have some holly garland? I need 2 or 3 of them and I'd be willing to trade. ;) P.S. Can Phil and I still stay over? Even at the new place? Can I play with the ratt(yes I meant to spell it this way)?

I gave you all my garland already. You can stay over, and play with the rat too. :P

RedVelvet - 1:55 AM

CheateN asks: Do you think that Ireland should be united free from British Rule?

Sure, why not?

RedVelvet - 1:54 AM

Swanseagirk asks: why is "the path" bobba filtered, and can you add God to the list of people who specifically answer questions?

The Path is the word of the Geno, a now dead cult. It was bobbaed because they'd flood with "Follow the path!" and such. God doesn't do any work around this place, so he can go work for someone else.

RedVelvet - 1:54 AM

Raymondo2000 asks: <: NEW GOODS!!!! :>I got habbo hotel working all I did was That I was using the Num Pad and I just use the one's at the top of the letters and it work :> P.S A hint for some Poeple with the same prob


RedVelvet - 1:53 AM

FOR THE LAST TIME: The gender and colored hair trick.

Change to a girl and put in your password. Click accept, then back at the next screen. Click on boy, you will come up with a random guy. Click on boy over and over again till you get the style of hair you want, with the right colors. This can take a couple of minutes. If you want girl hair on your boy, choose boy, put in your pass, and accept and go back as usual. Click on girl till you get the hair you want, same as the hair bug.
WITHOUT putting your pass in, click on accept. An error will pop up. Click on boy after that, and you will have your girl hair with boy options. :D

RedVelvet - 1:52 AM

Sk8ah asks: how many hours would you guys say you have invested in habbo?

Oh man.. I've been on since February of last year, and back then would stay on for 15-20 hours at a time.. So lets say my average on habbo is 2.5 hours a day, that's over 800 hours! o_O

RedVelvet - 1:49 AM

Becgirl asks: Have u eva been tempted just a bit to ban someone who annoyed u, who hasn't done anything wrong but just personnaly annoyed you? I was just thinking that it might be quite cool...

There's ALWAYS that temptation. heh

RedVelvet - 1:47 AM


iqari asks: why do hobbas always ignore me?

I'm sure they're not ignoring you. We're all pretty busy with calls and when we're not on call, we want to be left alone to chat with our friends, just like anyone else. :)

RedVelvet - 1:05 AM

Some dude asks: Whys the easter stuff getting deleted but not the love stuff thats just stupid

Habbo has never been very good judges when it comes to holiday furniture. I guess the Love series sold a ton, and they decided to keep it. Hold on to your easter stuff, and trade them for bigger items when they're retired. :)

RedVelvet - 1:04 AM


pudding-thief asks: Is being a Hobba all it's cut out to be? Just today I filled out stage 1 of the Hobba application for fun and immediatly got to stage 2. I've been told they ask for a copy of your ID and yet they don't pay you in any way. So is it really what every pre-teen assumes - the fame, the glory, the power?

Being a hobba is a big load, a lot of stress, and way overrated. It used to be fun, staff and their lawyers and 3rd parties and other assorted bullshit have ruined it.

RedVelvet - 10:19 PM

never_visible asks: Um.. i dunno how to get furni... how do you get it? some people say you buy it and i dobnt wanna give my creditcard number... so how do i get it? and if it's not to hard how do i get blue hair? sorry ifu were asked that b4 but im just wunderin

The credit card server is totally safe and secure, no one at habbo sees your number. If you don't want to spend your money, about the only way to get furniture is by racing. There are race rooms open at all hours, most pass out free stuff to the winner.

RedVelvet - 10:17 PM

klivester asks:" Wot Can I do about the gay habbo's", why does everyone have to be so fucking homophobic? And before any of you n00bs out there ask, no I'm not gay anyway.

For some reason, the amount of homophobia on habbo shocked me, back in the day. I thought Brits would be more open. People are people. You will find bigots and racists and assholes EVERYWHERE. People think that since you can't get punched in the face for talking shit on the net, that it's ok. It really just makes them look like morons.

RedVelvet - 10:15 PM

KartingChamp asks: i was wondering, why do people always leave a sillly ending to there Q, ?? like, u thing, wow, someone is making sence for once!!!!!!! then they put at the end, do u like chocolate and cream??, how LAME!!! p.s. do u like chocolate and cream??

I don't know why people ask me what they do. I've started deleting the stupid, illegible ones. I'm not big on chocolate.

RedVelvet - 10:13 PM

Raymondo2000 asks: Yo I can't get on habbo hotel I looked at the help and It siad fuck all wot I do (sorry about the last message but I cant spell)

Sounds like a personal problem.

RedVelvet - 10:12 PM

nine asks: im going to the store. u guys need anything?

A life, please.

RedVelvet - 10:11 PM

Zell (I think) asks: who would win in a fight on Nimbus between Turtle and Oolong?

I'm not that up on my DBZ, I dunno. :P

RedVelvet - 10:10 PM

---dave7--- asks: Hi. I was hacked on habbo, and i tried scambusters who eamiled me back , askin me to email them back about habbo credits (if i bought any, through what, etc.) and I emailed them back ages ago, and they havent mailed me back. I mailed them askin why they havent mailed me, but i think theyre ignorin me :( i had 3 rooms of furni. me old name was dave7 what shall i do? thanx and ur site rulez! (a bit of a suck up but still, can that hurt ne 1?)

Scambusters is only one person, and he is swamped with email. No one but staff can help you sort this out, so you gotta play the waiting game. :/

RedVelvet - 10:05 PM

nine asks: yo kid. i dont see you on much anymore... what are you up to these days?

Been playing a lot of counter-strike recently. Habbo just doesn't
appeal to me anymore. :(


RedVelvet - 10:01 PM

---dave7--- asks: Hi. I was hacked on habbo, and i tried scambusters who eamiled me back , askin me to email them back about habbo credits (if i bought any, through what, etc.) and I emailed them back ages ago, and they havent mailed me back. I mailed them askin why they havent mailed me, but i think theyre ignorin me :( i had 3 rooms of furni. me old name was dave7 what shall i do? thanx and ur site rulez! (a bit of a suck up but still, can that hurt ne 1?)

I'm sure they're not ignoring you, they just get swamped with emails for that, and only one person handles all of it. Only staff can help you there, so you just gotta play the waiting game.

RedVelvet - 9:53 PM

skippythefrog asks: Can I get me some?

You can have one of my cigarettes or a piece of my omelette if you're hungry.

minusbaby 4:59 PM

moombi asks: minusbaby, how do you keep your locks so lovely and curly?

The secret is using shampoo and conditioner everytime you wash the permanaps. I wash my hair about every three days or else it gets all dry and wacky looking. I also use some kind of moisturizer after washing it. I usually use Lubriderm Skin Therapy moisturizing lotion, a little tip I picked up from my mom way back in the day. She was a beautician, did Diana Ross' and Joyce Randolph's (she played "Trixie" on TV's "The Honeymooners") hair. But lately I've been liking the results I've been getting from using St. Ive's Extra Relief Collagen Elastin Dry Skin Lotion, it smells pretty nice, too. Also, don't forget to brush it out and detangle it, that helps, unless you want dreads, but that's another story. So there it is. Happy grooming.

minusbaby 4:36 PM

KLIVESTER asks: Why the fuck can't anyone get my name right, every time anyone mentions my name or is trying to talk to me I'm either kilvester or kliverstereresting or some other shit, "I dont understand kilvesters gender thingy.." see? :|

I think it's one of three things, or a combination, depending on the person. 1) Their screen resolution is high so they find it hard to make out the difference between a lowercase "i" and a lowercase "l" that are side-by-side. 2) They need glasses 3) They're too lazy to actually look at your name. Remember the saying, boys and girls, "
assume: when you assume you make an ass out of you and me

minusbaby 4:38 AM

Raymondo2000 asks: Wot Can I do about the gay habbo's going on the stage in the dome. All They Do Is Talk It's SOOOOOOO Borin I wanna sing but they just talk and crap

Perhaps they're just showing you how to type out a proper sentence. What's with the terrible grammar (I'm not one to speak but, man, look at that up there), punctuation and spelling nowadays? Is it just me or are kids not putting effort into writing? I'm not one to diss on account of weirdness, I love magical realism and surrealism, as long as I can read it. I also like poetry (well, good hip-hop lyrics count as poetry, right? Think De La Soul, Freestyle Fellowship, Anticon, Eric B. & Rakim, Brand Nubian, "You see doo-doo MCees thinkin' that they can outlast / I smell gas / As a youngin' I was thefty / Born as a lefty..."). But choose one style, damn it. I've decided to be a bastard when it comes to questions that require me to think simply because the sender's writing style looks like a field of cow pies after a stampede in a thunderstorm. I want to answer questions not correct school papers. Sorry Charlie, break out a copy of Strunk & White then get back to me.
P.S.: If English isn't your first language, I can dig it. Just don't ask stupid questions.

minusbaby 3:51 AM

moombi asks: Why did my MOTHER give birth to me when she was 5?

Because 4 was too young.

minusbaby 3:36 AM

moombi asks: Do you think habbo should bring out the almighty MULLET?

Y E S. I have a Habbo named "Freedom_Rock" and I think he'd look better in a mullet rather than the long blonde reject Farrah Fawcett hair-do. They already made a bear of an afro, why not a skunk of a mullet? I think we should write up a petition. Mullet Y E S, Bunny ears NO. By the way, do any of you old school Habbos remember the weird, short hair that never caught on? It's a shame they got rid of it from the hair choices. It was almost a flat-top but not quite. I guess the best way to describe it is, "The Grace Jones Look." If you ever see the Habbo named "Frankenstein" walking around the hotel, take a look at his hair, it's the 'do I'm speaking of.

minusbaby 3:22 AM

Securico asks: Do hobba's have extra password protection compared to regular habbo's coz if all these "hackers" r hackin into people accounts then y dont they seem 2 go 4 hobba's? ... a wierd question i know but just something i was wonderin

All hobbas are required to have complicated passwords, but we have nothing different from your average user. I've often wondered why hackers don't target us. My suggestion to all habbos is to have numb3r5 and RanDoM cApS in your password, to make it hard/impossible to be figured out. :D

RedVelvet - 2:11 AM

OrangeDevil asks: Sorry redvelvet about the hacker calling you a cunt servaral of my other mates have also recieved abusive msg's from my console i haven't a clue who the hacker is and how he got my password, Will this bann effect my chances of ever becoming a hobba?

No, but being underage will.

RedVelvet - 2:09 AM

Zell asks: if a train leaves the city of Townsville at 3 AM going 32 Knots south towards Bluffington and another train leaves from Bluffington at 1AM going 4.2 Knots north towards the city of Townsville, what time will they crash if they are on the same track and the distance from the city of Townsville to Bluffington is 30,120 nautical miles

Knots are used in water, not on land. :P

RedVelvet - 2:08 AM


kartingchamp asks: Why do you get these 9 year old habbos asking in lido, or what even that place is called, for a ticket to dive, lol, 1. i don't think you can give tickets 2. who noes who your talking to, they could give u somthing like a bug, ahh, i h8 bugs... Oh, another thing, You know this sonic mouse, hes on my buddie list... im scared, i knew he runs real real quick, but like, u said he does other stuff, what does he do? and another thing, what 176.3X183732.69 its for my home work :(

You can buy other people tickets in the lido, as long as their name is shorter than 9 characters. For some reason, it hates longer names. Give you bugs? Wha? Sonic can turn stickies white and write over them, go thru furniture, clone himself (crashing the whole room), etc. Most of his main names have permanant bans on them. Here's something to help with your homework. Click
here, sign up, and go to explore -> Lost Desert -> Calculator. :D

RedVelvet - 3:35 PM

FemmeFatale. asks: Dont you really think that people who go into rooms to piss about and flood are wasting their's and other people's time? i tell that to a load of the little bastards but they seem to find it funny

Heh, talking to them is like talking to a very stupid dog. They just blink and drool while you tell them off. Don't waste your fingers, just report them, and hope someone is paying attention.

RedVelvet - 3:29 PM

OrangeDevil asks: My account OrangeDevil has been hacked, also i want to say sorry to eevryone on my friends list because the hacker msg my mate swearing at them..........


RedVelvet - 3:26 PM

lauz asks: It's none of my bees wave but Ive been lookin @ soon of the messages that people have been asking and i just have to say but who da fuck do these people think they are ?Like that girl askin red not to swear so much it's her fucking site she can do what she wants on it and if people have a problem with peoples attitudes and swearin i really think u should p*** off this page right now,sorry red but that just had to be said.and whats all this about habbo bringing pets into habbohotel not like it's def gonna happen n if it does it just gonna sit on it's arse like the duck ain't it ?

I haven't heard any official word on habbo pets. The servers can barely hold all the people that come every day, let alone interactive, moving critters. I don't think it will happen.

RedVelvet - 3:24 PM

RubberRing asks: Can Phil and I move in (in real life)? I promise not to hog the cam (a lot)...hahaha Cam a lot.. Camelot.. Hahaha I made a funny. :P

No, because we are probably moving soon, and this house is really small. :l Maybe later.

RedVelvet - 3:22 PM

mordant.soul asks: How long before Louis Anderson finally cracks and goes on a massive killing spree culminating in a white bronco police chase through Duluth, Minnesota?

I give him a year, tops. His horrible cartoon show doesn't still come on, does it?

RedVelvet - 3:21 PM

DubyDubyDoo asks: why don't Hotel Monitors (Hobbas) come to the room when u call for help!?!? and what if a person says they will pay u for winning finals (race) but they do not pay u but they kick u instead?

There are not always many of us on, we try to get to every call. :/

RedVelvet - 3:18 PM

OrangeDevil asks: Now i am Bloody Mad, i am convinced Habbo is a con, as well as spending over �20 on habbo i have just got banned for no utter reason......... Habbo was not working all night and this morning i sign on and i'm ban, it's probably that lame ''pushmyarm'' or TPmaster spreading rumours about me, but i have not broke the habbo way in anyway.......... what shall i do?

I banned you for saying horrible things to me over the console. It's not a long ban.

RedVelvet - 3:17 PM


Sk8erBoy89 asks: could i become a hobba without a citizen card

You have to have photo id. I don't know what a citizen card is, but I'm a hobba without one, so I'll go with no on this one.

RedVelvet - 4:18 PM


Didn't someone ask me this already? I'll give you the answer I gave them. Go fuck yourself. Thanks.

RedVelvet - 4:16 PM

mordant.soul asks: Why are you ignoring me and more importantly my ask a hobba questions? I guess i'm just not cool enough to be associated with you anymore. Oh well. Back to corporate america where i am truly loved.

I haven't gotten anything from you in over a week. I'm not ignoring you. :*

RedVelvet - 4:15 PM

Sk8ah asks: why do people think cyber is so disgusting?

I don't think it's disgusting. I think it's pathetic. Big difference. Anyway, there is a time and place for everything, and if you just HAVE to get it on with hotchik69, then don't do it at habbo. Habbo is a site designed for KIDS, and you wouldn't get your hump on with an 11 year old standing by the bed watching, would you? She's probably a man anyway.

RedVelvet - 4:14 PM

Cool person asks: I just wanna say Kal that without ppl like u the scum like Spanker would never be shown up. Keep up the good work and u should so not of been fired

It's tough to "keep up the good work" as you say, when there's no work for me to keep up. My hobba badge was removed a long time ago.


RedVelvet - 4:11 PM

Becgirl asks: Is there anyway on this god damn earth that we can kick those annoying asses who stand in the doors flooding? Cause i've had enough of them little prats I want em out and I'm all for the laser thing!

I wish habbo would add a better flood protection function. It wouldn't be that hard to do. Hobbas can mute the lil shits, and I've been looking up their records and if they've been warned/kicked before, I ban them now. Flooding SUCKS.

RedVelvet - 4:10 PM

OrangeDevil asks: Geez...... The amount of so called ''hackers'' i see around the hotel, naked, invisible, one eye, no arms no legs....... *tuts* Well i reckon the only way to stop this is let these options be avaliable!! Ok so not the invisible or naked one, but whats wrong with red skin, and as for it bein classed as hacking...... no way, it's just typing in a few numbers!! Sisil seems to agree with me since she doesnt have a problem with these so called hackers, whats your view on this RedVelvet

This brings up the question, how can you define a hacker? Most of these people are not hacking, they are exploiting bugs in habbo. Legitimate hackers, like SonicMouse and Dummster, are different from your average, memory hacking skin color assholes. I don't like the one eyed, shirtless, red skinned people at all, because of the way newbies SWARM to them and flood over and over "show me how!!!" and shit. I don't think habbo will add wacky heads and colored skin to the options, because it's supposed to be sorta realistic. Well, as realistic as 12 year old looking pixel people can get, anyway.

RedVelvet - 4:08 PM

nine says: jr. hobbas. yes... thats just what im hoping for. a 10 year old kid on a power trip banning me from habbo hotel cause i said the word poo. u think habbo will let my dog be a hobba? shes a shitzu. very intellegent. shes actually tping this now. - very good at taking dictation.

I don't think Jr. Hobbas would ever have actual powers. The idea would be for them to handle the newbie load for us, going around answering questions and whatnot. I'm still pretty sure it will never happen though.

RedVelvet - 4:03 PM

nine asks: aww Red, the youve taken the habbo site down too? man, thats been around forever! any of u old schoolers remember when furniture trading wasnt secure and u didnt have accept buttons, you hand to hand someone your furny they would get it then they would hand u theirs. losing furniture was easy. not like today. Redvelvets site was one of the first to have a white and black list of people who were safe to trade with and who were known to scam. infact almost everyone used Reds blacklist to decide whether a trade was worth the risk. then came the realvslife pics and the contests and the habbo around the world. she was a poiner off all the shit u see on all these kids web pages. Red wasnt always first with every new idea but she always did it bigger, better and with more style. Red, im sad to see it going. but thank you for being a badass habbo companion. -- oh wait i need a question... um, what is 4+5?

*blush* You're the best 9. :) 4+5=


RedVelvet - 3:55 PM


Hawu asks: I am sick to the bobba king teeth of newbies approaching me and asking for furni or credits when I enter any room. Why don't we start up a resistance force and hide out in a room shooting any n00bs with a big old laser? How about it? :P, No, my real question is where are all the good old habboers, I can't seem to find anyone that isn't advertising for some lameass room. Also, I managed to pull my underwear up to my shoulders, should I go to the Book Of World Records? Do I Have a chance? Yours Failthfully, Hawu

Lasers might be a bit too much. I find that my trusty mute tool works just as well on those flooding asshats. The old people.. so many of them gone. I'm afraid that habbo has passed it's prime now, and that all you're ever gonna find (for the most part) is 11 year olds bobbaing and 13 year olds starting gangs. If you managed to get your underwear to your shoulders, you'd give yourself a sex change.

RedVelvet - 1:04 PM

-HOT-HOT-HOT- asks: I dont understand kilvesters gender thingy, i cant do the fill in no password and then accept bit!

That's just it. When you accept with no password, an error message pops up. When you click ok on that, you can complete the rest of the instructions. You're not supposed to go to the next screen.

RedVelvet - 1:01 PM

Becgirl asks: Which do u like best France or Italy and Electrode34 is the most annoying pathic well behaved habbo eva (why do u use bad language ur a hobba is such a pathic question lol lol lol can u be more square??)

Italy, hands down. I get asked a lot about my language and my attitude, as do a few other hobbas. We're not professional mods, nor do we all come from the same backgrounds. Each hobba is different, and we don't all enforce the habbo way exactly alike. While some hobbas target language and "you called me poohead" arguements, I target scammers. I've always been against the private room bobba filter, because if we put money into the service, we should be able to say whatever the fuck we want, and if someone comes in and is offended, they can leave. Feh.

RedVelvet - 1:00 PM

skankinpixy asks: so wait...kusagi gummies are amazing,(especially peach :9), but have you ever had japanese jellybeans? they blow jelly bellys right out of the water. they may have a mere four flavors to jelly belly's 60 or so, but they still compleatly leave them in the dust. i suggest you try "poiful". yes, "poiful". they come in little boxes. mmmmmm.

peach and apple are great, I love the cranberry and melon gummies as well. I've never tried the jellybeans, but I will as soon as I can find some. I've been buying stuff from
Asia Foods because they have good prices and I get my order in 24 hours. :D

RedVelvet - 12:56 PM

OrangeDevil asks: I hear Quite alot of people know about this so called idea of having ''Jr Hobbas'' first of all i think it's a great idea..... habbo's between the age of 12-16 could actually help out! Well i hear ione is still trying to work on the idea but is it just a rumour with loads of other rumours backing it up, but i hope habbo ltd can pull this stunt off and create hobbas with a bit of youth around the hotel!! Also i have sent minicooper's pic in ''for the real life vs habbo bit'' because he couldn't do it please stick it on your site, many thanks red v OrangeDevil x x x

Yeah, the kids love the idea, I just don't see it happening. Thanks for sending his pic in, if it's not emailed to me, I always forget. Shit, I forget when it IS emailed to me sometimes. :P

RedVelvet - 12:53 PM